NEW VARDAR’S TARGET: Maqueda or Stepancic?

first_imgAnonymous 20. March 2014. at 16:42 ShareTweetShareShareEmail “Warm up” and “Stoilov’s dance” to announce very interesting season Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recommended for you VIDEO: Ristovski is hero of RK Vardar Ne damo im Stepančića!center_img 1 Comment ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsMacedonian ambitious team RK Vardar want to make step to the TOP of the European handball in years to come. After some of the players have signed new contracts, club’s boss Sergei Samsonenko thinks how to make even better squad for the upcoming season. Macedonian website writes about right backs who are targeted by rich Russian sponsor. They are Spanish NT member Jorge Maqueda and Croatian raising star Luka Stepancic.Maqueda is currently in HBC Nantes, while Stepancic, who was also target of Vive Targi Kielce in the past, plays at Croatian best team RK C.O Zagreb.  It seems that there is only one place in Skopje.RK Vardar have currently three players on that position – Spanish youngstar Alex Dujshebaev and two Serbs, Vladimir Petric (39) and Stefan Terzic (21). WORLD HANDBALL RIGHT BACK 2020? Related Items:Jorge Maqueda, RK Vardar 1 Comment last_img read more

The Tonight Show to Air Hamilton Performance Number Filmed in Puerto Rico

first_img In conjunction with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 24 performances of Hamilton in Puerto Rico, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has announced the airing of a special episode, filmed on the island, on January 15, 2019. The episode will include a rare Hamilton performance of a song featuring Miranda and the new touring cast.The telecast will focus on the spirit and culture of Puerto Rico in its efforts to rebuild and raise awareness following the hurricane that struck the U.S. territory on Sept. 20, 2017. While the telecast will detail how Hurricane Maria caused widespread damage, it will also offer up a partylike atmosphere to the island that has long been known for fun and celebration.As previously announced, Tony-winning scribe and original star Miranda will reprise his turn in the title role of Hamilton from January 8-27 at the University of Puerto Rico to raise money for the Flamboyan Arts Fund. With @lin_manuel and @HamiltonMusical, The Tonight Show is doing a special episode in Puerto Rico on January 15th! #FallonTonight— Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) December 18, 2018 Lin-Manuel Miranda in “Hamilton”(Photo: Joan Marcus)center_img View Commentslast_img read more

GMP’s Mary Powell named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business

first_img45Abby Schneiderman(link is external)For helping us make arrangements 31Jasmine Probst(link is external)For seizing the moments 39Alex Wolf(link is external)For leading a millennial girl gang 34Katrine Bosley(link is external)For moving at breakthrough speed 55Adam Grant(link is external)For pinpointing the secrets of success 33Abby Falik(link is external)For channeling teenage wanderlust toward social good 57Jonas Kakoschke(link is external)For opening doors and hearts 84Nicole Van Der Tuin(link is external)For turning mobile phone payments into credit histories 08John McDonough(link is external)For saving lives by saving time 59Tony Long(link is external)For luring DIY to defense 43Jill Szuchmacher(link is external)For prioritizing those who need Google Fiber most 79Markus Kressler(link is external)For providing refugees with a pathway to employment 11Glenn E. Martin(link is external)For empowering former prisoners 96Sally-Ann Dale(link is external)For energizing brands 60Ryan Coogler(link is external)For being a knockout filmmaker 46Adam Seifer(link is external)For helping us make arrangements 15Carlos Mario Rodriguez(link is external)For keeping Starbucks–and farmers everywhere–full of beans 51Jeff Turnas(link is external)For lowering the grocery bill 44Zainab Salbi(link is external)For being a voice of change 18Sarah Schaaf(link is external)For creating and curating the most clickable content on the Internet 03Jill Soloway(link is external)For televising the revolution 100Lilly Singh(link is external)For creating a unicorn business 26Yasmin Belo-Osagie(link is external)For developing female entrepreneurs across Africa 42Dani Rylan(link is external)For giving women a shot 16Karin Strauss(link is external)For storing data on DNA 29Will Ruben(link is external)For seizing the moments 31-40 23Félix Lajeunesse(link is external)For treating virtual reality as an art form 75Virgil Abloh(link is external)For expanding with style 27Baba Ramdev(link is external)For disrupting India’s $49 billion consumer packaged goods market 28Martin Lotti(link is external)For stretching Nike in new directions 83Emily Gipson(link is external)For getting television fans off the couch 10Amit Agarwal(link is external)For extending Amazon’s reach, one vendor at a time 91-100 02Divya Nag(link is external)For moving Apple into the doctor’s office 72Caitlin Doughty(link is external)For being an angel of death 07Cindy Holland(link is external)For offering Netflix viewers a lot more to binge on 48Mary Roach(link is external)For finding innovation on the front lines 65Neha Narkhede(link is external)For teaching businesses to read Kafka 04Jean Liu(link is external)For building China’s biggest ride-sharing business at breathtaking speed 74Jenny Lee(link is external)For finding the winners in China’s tech scene 98Ahmed Abdeen Hamed(link is external)For discovering drug links in hashtags 85Jerry Stritzke(link is external)For taking radical steps to improve corporate culture 94Moj Mahdara(link is external)For seeing beyond the cosmetic 73Kate O’Keeffe(link is external)For enabling huge companies to figure out the future, faster 30Laura Javier(link is external)For seizing the moments 68Jack Harrison-Quintana(link is external)For connecting the LGBT community to lifesaving opportunities 89Gabriella Gomez-Mont(link is external)For modernizing Mexico City 32Mary Powell(link is external)For getting us off the grid 62Stephen Alesch(link is external)For having interior motives 21-30 95Nancy Pfund(link is external)For finding a good return on social impact 37Kathleen Kennedy(link is external)For restoring the Force to “Star Wars” 49Wendy Davis(link is external)For continuing to stand up for gender equality 51-60 81-90center_img 71Ivan Askwith(link is external)For knowing how to get fans more of what they want 52Heben Nigatu(link is external)For mixing comedy with commentary 53Tracy Clayton(link is external)For mixing comedy with commentary 99Andrew Freedman(link is external)For making a joint effort 81Cassidy Blackwell(link is external)For combining razor-sharp storytelling with product marketing 63Emily Oberman(link is external)For giving Snoop’s product line some California cool 05Maria Grazia Chiuri(link is external)For turning a storied fashion house into a $1 billion juggernaut 58Tiffany Anderson(link is external)For seeing the whole student 56Mareike Geiling(link is external)For opening doors and hearts 61-70 69Ricardo Vice Santos(link is external)For being a fresh voice in messaging 54Brian Bannon(link is external)For checking in 22Anna Young(link is external)For enabling nurses to create their own solutions 20Adam Leibsohn(link is external)For creating and curating the most clickable content on the Internet 64Amy McDonough(link is external)For bringing exercise to the enterprise 41Jennifer Bandier(link is external)For turning leggings into art 09Dawn Shaughnessy(link is external)For getting elemental 97Brooks Headley(link is external)For beefing up meatless food 14Michael S. Smith II(link is external)For helping to hack the bad guys 13Mark Fields(link is external)For steering Ford in a more adventurous direction 19Alex Chung(link is external)For creating and curating the most clickable content on the Internet 71-80 25Kakul Srivastava(link is external)For seeing the people behind the code 01Lin-Manuel Miranda(link is external)For making history 17Rachel Tipograph(link is external)For making infomercials binge-worthy Green Mountain Power Corp,Vermont Business Magazine Fast Company today announced its annual ranking of the 100 Most Creative People in Business for 2016. Green Mountain Power CEO and President Mary Powell was selected to be on the list for her transformational leadership, helping customers transition away from the traditional grid. The magazine cited GMP’s innovation work, becoming the first utility to offer customers the Tesla Powerwall battery. Powell is No. 32. The No. 1 spot on the list this year is Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer, lyricist, and star of Broadway’s Hamilton.Mary Powell, left, and above helping light up the first Powerwall two weeks ago (STORY: GMP first in nation to offer Vermonters the Tesla Powerwall home battery). GMP photo.“This is a tremendous honor, and speaks to the cutting edge work taking place in Vermont to lead the way on a new energy future,” said GMP CEO and President Mary Powell. “As Vermont’s energy company of the future, GMP is partnering with customers on an exciting energy transformation that moves away from the 100-year-old grid system, to a new one that is more reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.”The magazine each year selects 100 visionary leaders. The goal is to highlight people putting ideas into action to create new opportunities and driving change within their own industries. The 2016 honorees are from a vast range of industries, from tech and design to energy, media, government and food, and they span the world from India to Costa Rica, Turkey, and Nigeria.  FULL LIST 90Kareem Ettouney(link is external)For letting us all be digital Michelangelos 76Susan Salgado(link is external)For spreading hospitality 77Bill Johnson(link is external)For helping ex-offenders–and detainees–get their lives back 78Christina Agapakis(link is external)For engineering microbes for new products 47Chris Young(link is external)For expanding Intel’s arsenal 80Asako Shimazaki(link is external)For importing the cult of Muji to the United States 92Princess Mette Marit(link is external)For applying the VC model to philanthropy 91Kamasi Washington(link is external)For breathing new energy into jazz 82Caitlin McFarland(link is external)For getting television fans off the couch 41-50 12Katie Nolan(link is external)For shaking up sports 38Dylan Field(link is external)For redrawing digital design 86Diógenes Brito(link is external)For taking radical steps to improve corporate culture 87Shannon Schuyler(link is external)For taking radical steps to improve corporate culture 88Michael Fenlon(link is external)For taking radical steps to improve corporate culture 40Chance The Rapper(link is external)For generating music that’s priceless 70Ida Tin(link is external)For going with the flow 36Sarah Snow(link is external)For hearing the deaf community 50Quincy Delight Jones III(link is external)For fostering harmony between mashup artists and copyright holders 24Paul Raphaël(link is external)For treating virtual reality as an art form 93Kate Roberts(link is external)For applying the VC model to philanthropy 66B.J. Novak(link is external)For putting everything in order 21Nick Bell(link is external)For creating and curating the most clickable content on the Internet 11-20 06Pierpaolo Piccioli(link is external)For turning a storied fashion house into a $1 billion juggernaut 35Sara Wallander(link is external)For putting a new face on H&M 61Robin Standefer(link is external)For having interior motives 67Dori Roberts(link is external)For giving STEM an after-school boostlast_img read more

Roper: ESSEX carbon tax robs poor to pay rich

first_imgby Rob Roper Chris Miller, who works on the Social Missions Committee at Ben & Jerry’s, testified to the House Energy & Technology Committee that his company is firmly in favor of the carbon tax bills (H791/S284) based on the ESSEX Carbon Tax plan. Why? Because under the legislation, Ben & Jerry’s, which is owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever, will pocket an estimated $832,000 in electricity subsidies while avoiding the tax almost completely.The way the ESSEX Carbon Tax works is distributors of fossil fuels will pay an excise tax of 32 cents per gallon for gasoline, 40 cents for diesel and heating oil, and 24 cents for propane and natural gas. This cost, which will be passed along to customers, will go into a special fund that will be handed over to Vermont’s electricity providers in order to subsidize electric bills. Ben & Jerry’s uses a lot of electricity and very little fossil fuels. Miller explained that the ice cream manufacturer’s Vermont plants are almost entirely electric, and the company subcontracts its shipping needs to trucking companies based mostly outside Vermont. These subcontractors, Miller said, would likely never fill their tanks in Vermont, thus avoiding the carbon tax, and not incurring any cost that would be passed along to Ben & Jerry’s.This is great for ice cream giant because they are part of a well-capitalized, multi-national corporation that has the resources to invest in the latest technology, and the geographic flexibility to best position itself to take advantage of government policies like the ESSEX plan. As such, they are able to extract much from the subsidy pool, while putting next to nothing in.But, there is another side of this coin (many coins, actually) that ESSEX Carbon Tax supporters fail to mention, and that is the Vermont businesses, perhaps less capital rich and without the flexibility of scale, that will end up paying a lot into the pool but take out little. Who? Businesses that do rely on fossil fuels, such as plumbers, electricians, contractors who depend on trucks and vans to reach their customers, the general store that has been around since 1850, heats with oil, and isn’t well insulated, etc. and so on. It’s folks like this who are going to be forced to pay $832,000 worth of Ben & Jerry’s electric bill.It is also important to note that because Ben & Jerry’s is already fully invested in non-fossil fuel and efficiency technologies, the $832,000 in subsidies paid to them would do nothing further to reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint. Ben & Jerry’s is already as low as it can get. The ESSEX subsidy would just be a taxpayer funded gift to one of the state’s wealthiest business financed by many of its poorest. Is this fair? Is it smart?This same dynamic will play out on the individual level. Under the ESSEX Carbon Tax the mom in the used minivan will end up subsidizing through her gasoline purchases the electricity bill of the hedge fund manager in the brand new, $80,000 Tesla. Even though the ESSEX Carbon Tax includes a rebate program for low-income and rural Vermont households, Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (D-Bradford), lead sponsor of the House version of this bill, confessed that a hypothetical single mother living in a rural part of the state (someone qualifying for the maximum amount relief) would still have to invest in an electric vehicle, electric heat pump, or some such thing in order to come out ahead under the ESSEX Carbon Tax. If said single mom doesn’t have or cannot find the financial capital necessary to do this, the scheme will be a net drag on her financially.However, wealthy Vermonters who do have the financial wherewithal to install solar panels, buy Priuses, and live in newer, better insulated housing can take full advantage of the ESSEX plan, the subsidies they receive provided courtesy of Rep. Copeland-Hanzas’ single mom.During a meeting of the Vermont Climate Caucus, a group of environmentally focused law makers, one member raised this concern, “It seems to me that if you’re among the most wealthy Vermonters you could easily save a lot more than lower income [Vermonters], because if you have fossil fuels heating your home you can go out and buy a pellet stove, you can go buy heat pumps, you can go buy a Tesla, and you won’t even notice the bump in your budget… You’re reaping all the benefit. How is this helping lower income Vermonters?” Sen. Chris Pearson (D/P- Chittenden), lead sponsor of the senate version of the bill, responded, “Yeah, it would be a good problem to have if wealthy people stopped using fossil fuels to heat their homes and drive around. I mean, that is the goal.”Is it? Well, thanks for letting us know.Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. He lives in Stowe.last_img read more

Vermont’s catch-and-release bass fishing is underway

first_imgVermont Fish & Wildlife Vermont’s catch-and-release bass fishing season is underway with some of the hottest bass fishing action in the region happening right now.“The spring catch-and-release season is a really special time to be on the water in Vermont, and the fishing can be truly spectacular,” said Bernie Pientka, state fisheries biologist with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. “Combine warming weather, minimal boat traffic and feeding largemouth and smallmouth bass, and spring bass fishing is hard to beat(link is external).”Vermont’s catch-and-release bass season runs primarily from the second Saturdayin April to the Friday before the secondSaturday in June, when Vermont’s traditional bass season opens. Learn more…(link is external),Yeslast_img read more

After Sunday’s attack, Prairie Village Christian, Jewish congregations plan joint service

first_imgRev. Aaron Roberts of Colonial Church.For several months now, Rabbi Paul Silbersher’s Temple Sinai congregation has been meeting each Friday in the chapel of Colonial Church in Prairie Village. And with their close proximity, Silbersher and Colonial Rev. Aaron Roberts have frequent discussions about religion and interfaith relations.“Just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about how it really seems like society has moved into a new era with Jewish-Christian relationships, like a lot of those really long-held prejudices have disappeared in this generation,” Roberts said. “And then Sunday hit. It kind of changed everything we were thinking in a way.”Indeed, the shootings in Overland Park and Leawood that took the lives of three Christians while targeting Jewish facilities underscored the fact that, for some, the religious tensions of a past era are still very much alive for a troubled sector of society.As a sign of solidarity against what Roberts characterizes as “an evil we face together,” Colonial and Temple Sinai will hold a joint service this Friday. The joint service will take place as part of Temple Sinai’s Passover Sabbath.“Rabbi Paul and I are looking for practical ways for Jews and Christians to stand together in response,” Roberts said. ”The service will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Colonial Church sanctuary.“We have such a close relationship, it seemed natural that we would do something together,” Silbersher said. “We wanted to find something we could do to stand together. It happens to be Passover and Good Friday at the same time. What a powerful time to stand against evil.”last_img read more

Ways to Sell, Serve and Support AV in Churches — The Blog Version of the LAVNCH WEEK HoW Day Panel

first_imgDuring our live LAVNCH WEEK Tech Talk, Paul Richards of PTZOptics shared that, these last few months, “connected churches” are discovering just how large their communities really are. And once social distancing is relaxed, many houses of worship won’t be going back to the way things were in their AV systems. For bigger houses of worship, it may no longer be just a one-way broadcast anymore. For smaller organizations that didn’t have AV before COVID-19, those communities are missing and craving that fellowship now more than ever.Richards, along with a host of other presenters, brought more light to this changing market yesterday during a live LAVNCH WEEK panel, titled “Ways to Sell, Serve and Support AV in Churches.”Let’s come right out of the gate with it, as our co-emcee and panel moderator, Steph Beckett, said. Read on to learn about the panelists and some of the great things they had to say.Steph Beckett posed two questions:Selling, serving and supporting AV in churches has become more necessary in these times we live in. Churches are having to find ways to creatively get messaging out if they weren’t equipped to do that already. What has that looked like for each of you?Do any of you feel that manufacturers and companies are missing the mark right now in catering to and supporting the House of Worship AV market? If yes, how so?1. Anthony Coppedge — Digital Sales and Marketing ConsultantCoppedge, who gave our HoW Day keynote presentation earlier in the day, said that we’ve known about opportunities for AV in HoW for a while based on trends and patterns. The technology isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore; it’s a must-have. Coppedge’s 2015 predictions article on rAVe [PUBS] talked about the changing HoW landscape, and he says today’s pandemic events could be a massive accelerant to some of these predictions. Regarding Beckett’s second question, Coppedge adds that HoW manufacturers have a lot of work to do. Until these manufacturers have feedback processes in place, digitally, they won’t learn from what’s happening in the space either.“Your brand is not who you say you are. Your brand is who everybody else says you are. So when you listen, actively listen, to what the market is saying, you will begin to understand where those connections are.” —Anthony Coppedge 2. Dr. Frederick Ampel — Owner – Technology Visions AnalyticsDr. Fred Ampel has spent a lot of time with congregations large and small. The latter, he says, have lately almost all gone the route of one to two small cameras and a USB connection, just to get set up with a livestream. He adds that, like Richards discussed in his Tech Talk, small churches have discovered now that there are members out there who have not been able to make it to church in a year or so (perhaps they’re in a care facility). Churches are quickly discovering the absolute necessity to set up with streaming as a two-way path from the get-go, rather than reactively, for both the people who haven’t been able to make it to church and for newcomers. Regarding Beckett’s second question, Dr. Ampel adds that, if you’re a manufacturer selling to HoW and you don’t have somebody on your team who is focused on this market, they’re never going to get it right. This is a relationship-selling market. These folks have to believe in you as a person before they believe in your product. Also, uptime is everything. There’s only one Sunday (or Friday, or Saturday, depending on the faith) in a week; if it doesn’t work on the day it’s needed, we’re in trouble. As a manufacturer, you have to be able to respond immediately — not in a week.“This is going to be a tsunami of change in the way churches look at digital media. Maybe the only upside out of this whole mess is that it’s going to drive the whole digital-streaming market into a two-way channel for the foreseeable future.” —Dr. Fred Ampel 3. Gary Kayye — Director & Co-founder – THE rAVe AgencyWhat’s different about the house-of-worship market is the members, Gary Kayye added. There’s such a wide range of them, unlike any other. You have young members, old members. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach (of course, that’s the case for all of AV too, but especially in HoW). Regarding Beckett’s second question, Kayye actually argues that there are HoW manufacturers who ARE doing it right and DO get the church market — he’s impressed with organizations like PTZOptics and the content Paul Richards puts out for his own show (on Mondays, not Tuesdays) and the book he wrote to help churches livestream.“Guess who’s gonna get blamed when the system goes down? It’s gonna be the person who made the decision to buy all the stuff — it has nothing to do with the manufacturer. So there is that relationship piece that’s very important.“ —Gary Kayye 4. George Herbert — Manager of Support and Training – Epiphan VideoSee related  Livestreaming Movement Gains More Momentum During PandemicGeorge Herbert, manager of support and training at Epiphan Video, had a lot of great insight to add from the manufacturer side of this panel. Herbert says that one of the big challenges in HoW is that the demographic of the market is huge — different groups have different capabilities and budgets. (For instance, he points out that the church his parents attend doesn’t have electricity, let alone an internet connection.) You have ministers in their living rooms with a smartphone, then you have a lot of churches trying DIY streaming in the church itself. Optimistically, Herbert argues that he hopes positive change will come out of this — as Coppedge pointed out that the trends in HoW that have been long forming, COVID-19 could be a massive accelerant to pushing forward some great HoW AV innovations.“[For] a lot of the smaller churches …. that’s one of the big challenges at a community level: trying to figure out how to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks in all of this.” —George Herbert 5. Paul Richards — Chief Streaming Officer – PTZOpticsPaul Richards makes a great point: This has all become a “now” issue in houses of worship. Everyone is racing to get a solution that’s good, affordable and fast, but that’s not always realistic. Many houses of worship, Richards predicts, will not want to go back to one-way broadcasts with live-streaming, because there’s no fellowship there. Also, as social distancing won’t be reduced overnight, the transition over the next few months (or years for older demographics) will be slow — technology is going to be so important in the HoW AV process to keep everyone connected. Regarding Beckett’s second question, Richards adds that customers in HoW are not ProAV managers; they need more help. Manufacturers need to work with good partners and integrators who focus on this market (and there are plenty who specialize in this and work on the weekends to support their customers) — this is a good time to find one.“The customers that we have in house of worship are, by far, the most engaged customers of any vertical … they want you to answer their comments on YouTube; they want you to pick up the phone; they want help, and they need help more than anybody else. Because this is new to them. This is not like, you know, the ProAV manager of a corporation that knows what they’re doing. This is someone who likely is very new to this but is passionate and wants to get it done.” —Paul RichardsTakeaways + LAVNCH 2.0!Before we knew it, after a lengthy and productive Q&A with many more questions discussed, time was up.But the conversation doesn’t have to end here. You can reach out to any of these panelists on LinkedIn (I tagged their pages above) to keep the discussion going.If you missed LAVNCH WEEK this week, don’t fear — LAVNCH 2.0 is coming the week of June 22. Go ahead and join the list here; spots are limited. Also, you can check out our LAVNCH WEEK microsite to see all the articles (like this one) and public videos from the week and more.last_img read more

Minnesota rolls to win over Michigan

first_imgBolden and Jamie Broback were the high scorers with 12 points apiece, but six other players had at least seven points.“We have so many different people that can perform for us on the floor,” Bolden said. “Anybody on our team can score in double digits on any given night. Our bench plays just as well as our starters.”Michigan stayed in the game in the first six minutes, leading 10-8.But Minnesota quickly responded with a 19-4 run behind Natasha Williams’ six points in the paint to take a 27-14 lead, and led 42-29 at the half.The lead stretched even longer in the second half, as Borton continually switched up the lineup. No Gophers player got more than 23 minutes.In the game’s closing minutes, Kelly Roysland scored on a reverse layup and was fouled, stretching the lead to a 30-point advantage, 81-51.Borton subsequently emptied her bench.“It was great to get a lot of people in the game,” Borton said. “Anytime you win a Big Ten road game, it’s a huge win.”Katie Dierdorf and Janelle Cooper led the Wolverines with 12 points apiece as their inexperienced team dropped a sixth-straight conference game. Minnesota rolls to win over Michigan Emily WickstromJanuary 20, 2006Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintIf there was any concern about a letdown game for Minnesota’s women’s basketball team after its big victory over Michigan State, it quickly dissolved.The Gophers got off to a quick start and easily defeated Michigan 85-57 on Thursday in Ann Arbor, Mich.Minnesota (12-4, 5-1 Big Ten) has won each of its three Big Ten games away from home after losing its first three road games to nonconference opponents.“We’re really confident (on the road),” senior guard Shannon Bolden. “It took us a while to start playing well on the road… Sometimes your shots don’t fall as much away from home, and we figured out that our hard work and our defense was what’s going to win games for us.”The Gophers were solid at both ends of the floor, posting their highest scoring total of the season while collecting 14 steals on defense and scoring 24 points off Michigan turnovers.“I felt great about our defense,” coach Pam Borton said. “Our defense created our offense today in a lot of different situations.But perhaps most important was that Minnesota’s starters redeemed themselves after combining for just 16 points on Sunday and being outshined by the bench players.“They came out with great energy at the very beginning of the game,” Borton said. “We’ve had a tendency to start kind of slow. Our starters did a great job today.”The bench wasn’t completely overshadowed however, contributing 38 points as 12 different players got in the box score.last_img read more

Dominican attorney takes up TCI appointment

first_imgFormer state attorney, Clement JosephAn attorney, who worked in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for three years, has landed a position in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).Clement Joseph has been awarded a two year contract as a crown counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in Turks and Caicos.“It was a lot of hard work but it was fortunate because I got to learn very quickly and I am generally satisfied with the level that I am at right now,” Mr Joseph told Dominica Vibes of his experience at the DPP’s office.Mr Joseph worked as a state attorney in the DPP’s office here from June 2010 and resigned on Thursday, April 25.He explained that his decision to “gladly accept” the contract offered was not in search of greener pastures, but of security of tenure.“In law there is something called security of tenure and I have been here for three years and I have not been appointed, and I have been acting since and I’ve not even been told whether I am eligible for appointment or so”.“At this stage and age of my life, I need to have more certainty in the work that I do in the security of my work so that is one of my reasons for leaving,” he explained.However, he intends to return home after this two year stint and will “gladly take up appointment in the Office of the DPP if offered or if accepted because I’ll apply”.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Tweet Share LocalNews Dominican attorney takes up TCI appointment by: – April 26, 2013center_img Share Share 298 Views   12 commentslast_img read more

U15 Baltic Cup: Latvian guys lose to Estonia’s U16 national team

first_imgThe boys of the Latvian U15 national team in Tallinn, at the “Audentes” sports complex, started the ongoing U15 Baltic Cup with a loss to the Estonian U16 national team – 76:93 (16:26, 38:47, 59:69). On Saturday, the Latvian U15 national team will play with the Estonian U15 teams. The game for girls will start at 15:30, for boys – at 17:45. Live games can be seen on the Estonian Basketball Federation’s YouTube channel.At the last minute, the Finnish team refused to participate in the tournament and the Estonian U16 national team took a vacancy in the boys’ society. In the fight against the oldest opponents of the year, the Latvian U15 team lost in the first half even with a difference of 17 points (28:45 – in the 18th minute), after a big break equalized the course and the result (57:57 – in the 28th minute), but by the third by the end of the quarter, the homeowners had regained a comfortable advantage.The Latvians convincingly won the fight against the baskets (57 – 37), but lagged behind the opponents in the accuracy of the throws (2p.22 / 50 – 26/41, 3p. 5/25 – 9/28), as well as made more mistakes (22-15).Krišjānis Āboltiņš scored 16 points, Edvards Egle 12.Only three Baltic national teams are participating in the girls’ tournament. The Latvian team will take part in the fight on Saturday.Schedule of other games:Saturday, August 22, at 15:30 Estonia – Latvia (girls)Saturday, August 22, at 17:45 Estonia – Latvia (boys)Sunday, Aug. 23, at 10:00 Latvia – Lithuania (girls)Sunday, August 23, at 12:15 Latvia – Lithuania (boys)last_img read more