With the open concept compiled 13th Five-Year planning

Adhere to the rule of law, adhere to the ecological environment, the development of human culture, adhere to the fine service, emancipating the mind, continuous reform, hard work, build a well-off society. Three to do research, learn from experience. Solicit public opinion, continue to strengthen the preliminary study, with the idea of opening up a good plan. Four to screening projects to strengthen the development of support. Around the city’s economic and social development, screening and do some favorable current and long-term development projects, "13th Five-Year" to strengthen the project development. The meeting stressed that innovative financial investment is an important task to deepen the reform of the financial system. To reform idea to guide capital investment, enlarge the amount of funds, to realize the close linkage of financial capital and social capital, financial capital; to reform concept to improve the use of financial resources, strengthen the system construction, blocking the abuse of power and other corruption loopholes; with strong concept of performance management reform, the establishment of social third party evaluation mechanism, promote capital efficient and safe use. All regions and departments should pay close attention to the formulation and improvement of various types of financial investment and use of various industries, and continuously improve the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds. The meeting noted that elevator safety and people’s work and life are closely related. All regions and departments must attach great importance to clear responsibility, strengthen supervision, to ensure that each elevator are safe operation. First, to implement the responsibility. To strengthen the use of elevator management unit is the first person responsible for the safety of the elevator operation awareness, so that the source of safety responsibility can be traced back. Two to strengthen supervision. Quality supervision departments should be standardized, institutionalized as a starting point, according to the law to strengthen the elevator construction, installation, use, maintenance of the whole process management, and constantly improve the quality of the elevator safety. Three to strengthen the special rectification. Safety supervision, real estate and other departments should perform their duties, strengthen routine supervision, strengthen special rectification, eliminate security risks. The meeting stressed that at present, the majority of the people have the traffic management as an important standard to evaluate the level of government management, governance capacity. All localities and departments to solve the traffic problems as an important project to improve people’s livelihood, the combination of distance, construction and management simultaneously, tackling the problem, with a powerful, powerful and effective action, timely response to the concerns of the people good, continuously improve the ability and level of city traffic management. In September 10th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government thirty-sixth executive meeting, considered the "Xining" 13th Five-Year "planning work plan", "Xining City, reform the way of financial investment to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading plan", "Xining city science and technology project investment mechanism reform plan", "Xining City Elevator safety management approach", "Xining city public transport development plan (2014-2020)" and other issues. The meeting pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" is to build a well-off society in full sprint five years in our city, is a comprehensive deepening of reform to achieve decisive results for five years. All localities and departments to develop a highly responsible attitude to Xining, to do the work of the 13th Five-Year "plan. First, we must do a good job learning, strengthen the ideological guidance. Study of new ideas and new requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and a series of central governance, study and implement the provincial government for Green Governance new ideas and new deployment to provincial strategic task as a guide, the scientific evaluation of new shape;

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