Start the north gate Yuen Road area reconstruction

In order to achieve Seongbuk "landscape livable city" goal, relying on the unique advantages of the ecological resources and the historical and cultural resources, this year will be the north area of Menyuan Road area transform as the primary task of urban construction. In April 16th, with the North District Menyuan road held area renovation project land demolition work mobilization meeting, marking the Menyuan Road area improvements.

the Menyuan Road area development and transformation range of Mao to North Temple Road (Planning Road), South Gate Road extension (Planning Road), Bridge Street, West Lake Road East, mainly in the village collective land bridge and Mao Sheng Si Cun. The transformation involves two villages and small village of Mao Sheng Si Cun resettlement and bridges along the Avenue on the west side of the enterprises and institutions building and residential building expropriation, demolition is expected to amount to 1 million 80 thousand square meters, demolition funds of about 1 billion 300 million yuan. Bridge, Mao Sheng Si Village resettlement land is located in Sea Lake Road East, Menyuan Road extension to the north of the area, covers an area of about 220 acres.  

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