Rural tourism into a new rural tourism business card

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when the spring the treetops stained green, the apricot, peach, lilac blow, Qinghai earth slightly cold into the instantaneous brilliant purples and reds, the most beautiful time of the year. At this time, people can not wait to put on the camera, a group of young and old to go out to find a trail of footprints left in the spring. Looking for, the city people gradually fell in love with the chase rural tourism, fell in love with the agricultural greenhouse picking tour. From April 26th to May 3rd this year, organized by the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Haibei Prefecture Tourism Bureau, Menyuan County Tourism Bureau, Qilian County Tourism Bureau, the Datong County, Datong County People’s Government of Qinghai · Datong third session facilities agricultural tourism picking Festival and the characteristics of fruit and vegetable silk road 227 line three County Tourism Alliance ceremony ", will come to the party. Then, with the winter snow festival is the kite ditch agricultural sightseeing tour, will yibobo tourists again please in datong.

in recent years, Datong County, give full play to their own advantage, around the village of natural scenery, cultural relics, folk customs, agriculture and animal husbandry, vigorously develop rural tourism, not only many urban people off the "Datong Village Tour" of the wave is to enrich the local tourism content, expand the field of tourism, to chase go on a combination of agricultural tourism and rural tourism broad road.

picking fire

country tour

bridge from the Datong County town of new road along the double road to the north, a row upon row of greenhouse spring sunshine over the eyes, become a beautiful scenery line, here is the Datong County National Modern Agriculture Demonstration zone. Enter the greenhouse, bright red strawberries, nectarine, green cucumber and other colored fruits and vegetables growing well. Qinghai · Datong third facilities agricultural tourism characteristics picking Festival and the Silk Road 227 line three County Tourism Alliance ceremony ", will be held April 26, 2014 -5 month 3 days, held Haoguo Jin Cui vegetable ecological manor in Datong china. This year, the third feature of the agricultural sightseeing fruit and vegetable picking festival will bring visitors the top four highlights.

highlights a

many features such as fruits and vegetables Junlai pick

Shennong nectarine, flowers gardening and other modern facilities agriculture demonstration bases, holding flowers nectarine, strawberry and blueberry, grape, mulberry, pomegranate, tomato, pepper and other characteristics of fruits and vegetables and lilies, carnations and rose picking activities, fully display the charm of Datong characteristics planted and rich and colorful tourism activities, let tourists in the tour process brought to fully experience the development of modern agricultural science and technology achievements.

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