Fast food store location to avoid what


fast food franchise operators need to consider when choosing where to invest a lot of related factors, sometimes although some merchants have no obvious competitors, but immature market environment is not conducive to business, if you want to correct location can learn a lot of knowledge management can not be ignored this important link.

the commercial competition, the new shopping center business is generally not too good, traffic is very small, generally need to raise some time to achieve good traffic and business level. New shopping malls opened in the mature values of the relatively short time, some of the new shopping malls as the main store opened in the new business district, the passenger training time will be longer, the risk is considerable. Fast food restaurant is relying on the main store (large shopping malls, etc.) to survive the attachment store, customer sources are mainly dependent on the mall’s passenger flow.

if the fast-food store opened in the main store and not mature business circle, usually like shopping malls encountered the problem of insufficient source, early opening the possibility of losing money greatly. For example, Wangjing district a few years ago opened Fuk and other large shopping malls, but were later closed or opened in transition, in the restaurant also doomed. Therefore, small and medium fast food brands have to be psychologically prepared, if the money is not enough to support the store to pay for a year do not choose to open a mature business district.

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