How to join the Obama Hot pot

makes every kind of the catering market hot Hot pot Hot pot in the food and beverage industry brands dominate the martial arts, especially the Korean Hot pot which is a Hot pot to join the project, but also very popular with consumers, more impress investors.

Dong Obama Korean Han Feng Han Hot pot flavor, taste authentic in from South Korea native China + local diet recipes, taste of the product be made one of more than and 30 Chinese herbs, core sauce stew, nourishing health, beauty, health and. 2-3 minutes out of meals, increase over Taiwan, the package, improve sales attendant is the chef, transparent operation, cost saving, good assured and interesting. 1 pot 3 pot, taste good, fashionable, very impressive dining profit pattern is novel, a pot of two to eat, eat the stew, rinse to eat, how to eat delicious.

Dong Obama Korean Hot pot unique Korean style, with half of the country are changeable combination and unique taste to occupy the catering market rapidly, has become a national one. Selection of high-quality pot tripe, seafood, rice cake main ingredients, natural spices with stew soup, featured in season vegetables, fresh fish, mushrooms, beans, seaweed and main ingredients together with the small fire to simmer, thick soup, delicious taste and chewy. So how to join Obama Myungdong? What are the conditions for joining



Hot pot Myeongdong Obama

before opening:

1, examining the scene: by the consultant’s representative at headquarters, tasting and Obama series delicacy Myeongdong guide.

2, determine the business district: special help site selection and evaluation.

3, decoration design: according to the different values of the decoration of the location and design.

4, material design: wall paintings, light boxes, menu image image window stickers, posters, promotional materials and other terminal dm.


1, operational guidance: to provide a full set of store management manual, to solve the practical problems of restaurant operations.

2, training support: staff intensive combat training, strengthen the practical ability of team.

3, marketing Customization: depth analysis of local customer base, the development of the corresponding business plan.

4, standard delivery: provide financial system and sauces, equipment, clothing, tableware, promotional materials and other supplies complete, standard restaurant invoicing process.


Hot pot joining conditions: Korean Obama

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