Spanish Police Arrest DutchMoroccan Suspected of Belonging to ISIS

Rabat – A Moroccan with Dutch identity documents has allegedly been arrested in the northwestern city of Figueres on suspicion of belonging to ISIS, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. According to a communiqué from the Spanish Interior Ministry on Friday, the suspect recently returned to Spain from Turkey. “The authorities’ investigation is underway – they are investigating whether his return to Spain was made with a desire to carry out some sort of action in Europe,” the communique stated.The suspect was already the subject of an international arrest warrant, issued by Dutch authorities for because they suspected he belonged to ISIS. According to the ministry, “Spanish police managed to locate the suspect through joint efforts with Dutch authorities and the intelligence of several unnamed countries.”The ministry went on to explain that authorities are currently attempting to figure out how radicalized the detainee is.  Also in question are possible links between him and Daesh cells located in Europe and the precise nature of his activities since his arrival in Spain.It was also noted by the Spanish Interior Ministry, that Spanish authorities have arrested 181 terrorists linked to ISIS, since the country raised its terror alert to level four following the deadly terrorist attacks Europe experienced in 2015.

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