90 girls Chen Xiaomin operating rules

everyone has their own set of rules to do business, and this criterion is effective, the reality is the best test criteria. For 90 girls Chen Xiaomin, their business approach is undoubtedly very effective, it is worth insisting on their own. So, after the 90 girls is how to run their own shops, what kind of business rules?

customer: "boss, this’ golden leaf ‘Zha rose 5 wool, close to 10 yuan?"

Chen Xiaomin: "Sir, this is a national unified market price. Otherwise, you will receive 11 yuan, and then give you a $1 lighter."

"look, the lighter looks like it’s made less, but the price of cigarettes has been recognized and a customer has been stabilized." Chen Xiaomin explained to reporters.

this is an interview with reporters in Shaanxi, Hanyin cigarette retail customers Chen Xiaomin scene. Chen Xiaomin is 24 years old this year, is currently the only "90" retail customers, she operated "Meiyijia store" is also the only 24 hour convenience store. Talking about Chen Xiaomin, cigarette client manager Chen Xianan commented: she is a very thoughtful girl, the idea of doing business is very capricious, many people can not think."

Chen Xiaomin grew up in the countryside, is the only daughter. In the traditional concept of the local people, she is not a good education and did not marry the girl. Chen Xiaomin graduated from high school as "capricious" to the south to work, end a plate, put off stall, selling mask. Go home until the end of last year, overheard her parents talking about neighbors and say "look at their home girl", behind the talk of nature is not too good, she realized that nearly 60 years of parents under a lot of pressure of public opinion.

over the years, after some thought, Chen Xiaomin "willful" one, "70 thousand yuan to come up with their parents to prepare their own dowry", opened a convenience store in Hanyin county. Chen Xiaomin said: "at that time in my mind only one idea, to be admitted, let ‘see people after the neighborhood girl."!"

prepared through wildly beating gongs and drums in March this year, Chen Xiaomin, the convenience store opened. In the operation of Chen Xiaomin is more capricious: first, 24 hours of business. This person to keep the shop did not say, Hanyin County as a poverty-stricken county, consumption ability is very weak, there are few pedestrians at 10 Street, where the business? Followed by small shops. There are not many kinds of goods, but she is also a part of the goods shelves. This and the convenience store "complete varieties, commodity rich" business philosophy does not match it? Here, the author also doubts.

in the reporter’s questioning, Chen Xiaomin was leaked secret". There are two KTV near the shop, as well as the night market, although the traffic is small, but only after 11 p.m.

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