Beijing Beijing University held in Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

in the promotion of management activities, in cooperation with Taiwan, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship has began the trend of normalization. In recent years, the two sides have carried out a number of cooperation and exchange activities to promote entrepreneurship and promote mutual learning, opening up new channels for cross-strait economic development and human progress.

it is reported that the employment service center of Wenzhou Taiwan youth entrepreneurship as the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council awarded the "cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base, since the launch has entrepreneurial organizations will promote the 10 sessions, attracted to Wenzhou to inspect the Taiwan youth more than and 600 people. The forum aims to promote the exchange of Wenzhou employment environment to Taiwan students in Beijing famous universities, to attract top talent, to set up a direct communication for Taiwanese students and youth of Wenzhou enterprises and relevant institutions of the platform, to build the first for Taiwanese students special business consulting activities for foreign brand contact, Wenzhou recruit the talents to develop new channels.

cross-strait youth growth environment is different, but the same thing, both in the business development foundation, and can have different complementary advantages. With more and more young people on both sides of the line of innovation and entrepreneurship platform, cross-strait exchanges will be in the field of entrepreneurship glow new luster.

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