The full Luke Cage trailer is unapologetically Luke Cage

first_imgI have a new trick for waking up in the morning. Blearily click a link to the new full trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s Luke Cage and just sit back and watch. I guarantee you you’ll be wide awake instantly.Right off the bat, one thing is clear; this show isn’t messing around. No apologies. Mike Colter’s Luke Cage is here to protect Harlem, one person at a time if need be.Like other Marvel x Netflix collaborations, this series is creating its own tone full of saturated colors, blood, violence, emotion, and humor. The trailer offers up a couple of hints of what’s in store; Luke’s origins, the relationship between Cage and Pop (Frankie Faison), Misty Knight (Simone Missick), and the quietly terrifying Cornell Stokes (Mahershala Ali). Ali’s performance is going to be the one people rave about, I can already tell.It’s also nice to see the incomparable Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, even though she already played a different MCU character in Captain America: Civil War.What I’m most struck by is the fact that Luke Cage is going balls to the wall, both visually and tonally, to put you right smack in the middle of Harlem’s culture and history. There’s no whitewashing here, and no hand holding. You either get with it or get away from it and Luke Cage will be fine either way.For those of you who loved Daredevil, I have no doubt we’ll be looking at some amazing fight scenes, so no worries on that front. I’d personally like to have a talk with whoever decided to do that broken hand effect because, ouch.Luke Cage premieres September 30 only on Netflix.And if you’re dying to know what that dope track from this trailer is, here you go!last_img

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