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first_img “Daggum Criminy’s peaceful life is suddenly interrupted as pirates invade his island, casting Criminy’s family out as refugees into the wild unknown in search of a new home. Soon, the Criminy’s find themselves hopping from one strange locale to another, each with their own bizarre environment, people and challenges, putting Daggum and fam in constant peril as they search for a new peaceful place to call home.”CRIMINY(W): Ryan Ferrier (W+A): Roger LangridgeThis month has given us so many unbelievably excellent books. However, one of my most anticipated releases this month, in particular, was Ryan Ferrer and Roger Langridge’s new fantasy Criminy. I’m a sucker for any comics and comics written by the best, but Criminy felt like an entirely different type of all-ages story. Spoilers, it very much was. Criminy is a story that will sit with you until the final pages. One that will make you think and adore the people that you call family even more than you do now.via Dark Horse ComicsRyan Ferrier and Roger Langridge are one hell of a team in the creation of Criminy. When the story starts, it doesn’t stop. You’re drawn into the world that Ferrier and Langridge let loose. They take you on one adventure after another that shows the strength of the family as a unite and as individuals, but the dangers and perils that come from the outside world.Something that first draws you in with Criminy is the storybook-like way its told. They succeed in their limericks to create such crafty and fun wordplay and rhymes to tell the story. The lettering also helps in this regard. It beings that “Once Upon A Time” feel to the narrative that closely associated with the storybook world. The whimsical and quirky dialogue also contributes it’s charm and sets an even more stellar tone to the overall worldbuilding of this comic. However, inside the fun wordplay, there are some significant parts that you can further deep dive into within their script. One that tells the story of displacement, triumphs, setbacks and let down. Also, the dangers of a new place and the efforts of just wanting to get back home.via Dark Horse ComicsThe one that that will utterly capture any reader is The Criminy’s themselves. This family has nine lives man. As the story focuses on family, the keeping of a promise and the struggles a family faces in their displacement, you also want the family to be alright at the end of the day. The family goes through some harsh struggles with the outside world. Ones that they’ve never known before, but imitates our real life so much. We know what goes on outside our world, but we don’t know till we’re neck deep in it. Ferrier and Langridge manage to tell a story complete with those little things that come from the outside world. (They even have a small bit with stranger danger in this. Quit being so good!?)It’s interesting to see the dynamics that happen within the family while they go through this as well. With Daggum and Nadda, their father/son relationship starts strong. It slowly starts to shift as he begins to feel the resentment with being moved around so much. However, the family pulls together. Ferrier and Langridge write such a tale that can’t be denied in any way. The last page and one of the two panels quickly broke me. This last page combined everything that Criminy is about softly, telling you this might happen again, but there is hope in defeating any obstacles put before you.via Dark HorseRoger Langridge isn’t just the writer of this comic, but he also does the art, and this art completely nails this entire thing and wraps it in one neat bow. I’m a sucker for old-school animation, especially ones of the 1920s – 40’s. Langridge’s art instantly puts you in the mind frame of these old-school cartoons. He develops the look of a Fleischman Studios produced cartoon while featuring some soft variations of character like Popeye and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the mix.What Langridge does is so original. He creates such an energetic and eccentric vibe to the comic that’s completely bouncing off the walls. Its cartoonish expressions, movements and moments are spectacular in a graphic novel. He also brings his art in a variation to his panels that give those moments an extra oomph you’d see if watching a cartoon. Langridge also brings such a variety to his colors as well. He keeps our central family in their black, white and red, but the world around them is a colorful hue! It’s bonkers to see how much colors he can play in this narrative, but it works in a way that keeps you so engaged and attached to the story until the final panel.via Dark HorseI can sit here and write so much more about this comic. I know you have comics to buy, but don’t you forget about this gem. Criminy is a heavenly delight that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s got everything, but the most important thing it has is a story about a family. A family story that shows us what it’s like when the hard times come rolling in and how we’ll get through it… together. Criminy is now available on Amazon and your local comic shop.9/12/2018 Releases – In addition to CRIMINY, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Black Badge #2 by Matt Kindt (W), Tyler Jenkins (A), Hilary Jenkins (CA) BOOM! StudiosBatman: Damned #1 by Brian Azzarello (W), Lee Bermejo (A), DC ComicsCaptain America Annual #1 by Tini Howard (W), Ron Lim & Chris Sprouse (A) Marvel ComicsIce Cream Man #7 by W. Maxwell Prince (W) Martin Morazzo (A) Chris O’Halloran (C) Image ComicsThe Hchom Book by Martin Churchland (W, A, C)WWE: NXT Takeover: Into The Fire by Dennis Hopeless (W), Hyeojin Kim (A), Wesllei Manoel (C), David Nakayama (CA) BOOM! StudiosOver the Garden Wall: Hollow Town #1 by Celia Lowenthal (W), Jorge Monlongo (A) BOOM! StudiosWest Coast Avengers #2 by Kelly Thompson (W), Stefano Caselli (A) Marvel ComicsWant to support great indie creators, we’ve got 5 Kickstarter campaigns to kick money to. Read our review on FHTAGN & Loathing #1. See what inspired Black Mask’s Devil Within. But as always stay on top of all things graphic novel here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 Stay on targetlast_img

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