Shop manager share four ways to keep back

Internet make our life more convenient. At the same time, also let the side can become more entrepreneurial opportunities, many people would like to open shop, a shop manager novice in practice, through exploration, summed up his prepared and used to keep coming back to the general manager, I hope to you will keep coming back to remind the business. The following is a summary of the new manager to retain repeat methods:

keep repeat method 1, when buyers bought something, must put yourself and not to consider their own business manager once again come to contribution of blind hope in the buyer’s position. It can narrow the buyers and the manager of the distance, let back into his or her voluntary behavior, rather than being forced to.

to keep back the way of the 2, after the goods are issued at any time to check the delivery of a single message in the arrival of the goods to the buyer when necessary to remind them that the baby is coming, to keep the phone open at any time. The advantage is that buyers will feel that you are very careful and very intimate.

keep repeat method 3, baby quality to pass, and at the same time many acquaintances of communication and propaganda if acquaintances want to buy must try to trim their discount profit to buyers. The purpose is to do so after she received the baby, you can use the free of charge for you to do publicity, so the result is likely to give you an unexpected harvest oh!

keep repeat 4, buyers can make a reality show in the store, show the buyer to buy baby so that you can promote mutual communication between the manager and the buyers, make the goods more convincing. Of course, this is also the need to communicate with the buyer, if people do not want, you do not insist, otherwise it will backfire.


in the online shop, certainly to obtain a higher reputation for trying to convince consumers of products in the store, can take the above said several methods, therefore, to have been successful precedent transaction manager. In fact, you only need a holiday, or the buyer’s birthday to send a simple blessing. This unexpected surprise and move, will certainly move the hearts of ordinary people, let alone buyers.

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