Top ten brands of solid wood furniture

furniture materials can have many kinds, among them, wood furniture is not only more texture, and quality of products more secure, more important is, at this time pay attention to environmental protection, pollution of its smaller, naturally more popular. In short, when decorating with house, furniture is the very important issue, but most of Chinese love wooden furniture, especially wooden furniture, is a necessary choice for many families. So, solid wood furniture which brand is good? Small series for you to reveal the top ten brands of solid wood furniture.

solid wood furniture top ten brands NO.1. Huafeng furniture

Huafeng Furniture Group has been a large taxpayer in Dalian, Huafeng furniture is recognized as the first brand of Chinese furniture industry, well-known protection, Chinese famous brand, on the list. In February 2002 the company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. HuaFeng company has for five consecutive years was named "Double Excellence foreign investment enterprises, Chinese corporate image best AAA unit, Dalian city in 2008 by the state and Local Taxation Bureau jointly awarded the tax credit AAA grade enterprise, bank credit rating for the most senior" AAA ", was named the A customs business management, for many years won the Liaoning province and the national outstanding township enterprises. Huafeng Group is the National People’s Congress and the national model workers.

solid wood furniture ten brands list NO.2. federal LANDBOND

federal group is recognized in the industry to adhere to the original furniture design, take the independent design and development of a small number of enterprises. "To design as the guide, to carry forward the Chinese home culture, leading the trend of domestic furniture consumption" is the early development of the federal group’s product development goals and slogans, and to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to create a high degree. To this end, the federal group has established a special design company, to attract domestic and France, Taiwan outstanding designers, establish a team of nearly 100 designer team, has invested huge funds for research and development of furniture products, the federal maintained a strong product competitiveness.

ten wood furniture brand ranking NO.3. Futaba SHUANGYE

double "brand belonging to Futaba Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd.," double "brand solid wood furniture in September 2006 by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Chinese named brand products, by the State Ministry of finance, the State Environmental Protection Administration recommended for government office supplies designated procurement units. On the list. Futaba Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in July 8, 1995. Is a professional design and production of modern large-scale enterprises of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture manufacturing industry is the largest base of more than and 300 domestic and overseas sales outlets located in Germany, and the establishment of radar Weedon Brad Futaba (Holdings) Limited, the establishment of German furniture Futaba in Vancouver Canada (Vancouver) Industrial Co., ltd..

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