After New Zealand heartbreak Sachin Tendulkar offers unique solution to bizarre super

The World Cup final, without a doubt, was perhaps the greatest game to have ever been played. The match ended in a tie, it went to the super over which in turn ended in a tie too. It was a mad scramble to the finish and both teams reached there, but then England got to lift the trophy because they had hit more boundaries in the match. While these were the stipulated rules, it sure did leave a sour taste in the mouth the audience and pundits alike. Indian cricket legend Sachin TendulkarNikalas Halle’n/AFP/Getty ImagesAfter the match, former Indian captain Sachin Tendulkar has come with a unique way to deal with matches where even the super over is tied. “I feel there should be another super over to decide the winner, instead of considering the number of boundaries scored by both teams. Not just in a World Cup final. Every game is important. Like in football, when teams go into extra time, nothing else matters,” Tendulkar was quoted saying by the 100MB app.Kane Williamson pitches trophy-sharingNew Zealand skipper Kane Williamson, who won widespread praise for his poise and temperament despite the heartbreak, did concede after the match that his team was just not meant to win the title and that little strokes of luck went against them. Twitter/Cricket World CupHowever, after a couple of days, the skipper is finding it hard to come to terms with the result and he says that ‘no one lost the final’.”Make sense of it? I think that’ll take quite a bit of time actually,” Williamson said.”Such a fine line. Maybe the worst part is there is so much you can’t control in those situations and it still sort of eventuates the way it did. All in all, it was a real shame that the tournament was decided in the way it was after two teams went at it. And two good teams were playing a cricket game, but it was still a tie,” he added.New Zealand head coach Gary Stead and batting coach Craig McMillan too said that the players were feeling the pain and that the trophy should have been shared in such an eventuality.”Then perhaps sharing the trophy would be the right thing to do. Wasn’t to be yesterday, which we all are disappointed with. But it is a sport and those were the rules,” McMillan said.

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