Entrepreneurs to help you solve problems easily realize the dream

many times, many people actually have a lot of very good ideas. Some of them will try to venture, and some do not act. Difficulties must be an inevitable problem on the road, how to solve it? And now there really is such a venture to help people achieve entrepreneurial dreams.

as an agricultural "layman", Wang Peng from a variety of technologies must choose to grow from scratch. In September 2014, Wang Peng was registered in Hunan Hill ecological agriculture company, he became chairman. Now, the base has 200 acres of blueberries, blueberry tree transplanting hung a small fruit, it will soon be listed can pick. Entrepreneurship is a new process of continuous exposure to new things and learning, as long as they can find a way to solve the problem is not difficult." Wang Peng told reporters that 3 years before the start of the business is facing the problem of profitability, he wants the whole team to see hope, but also afraid of taking risks or even failure.

Wang Peng compared to this new force, more than and 50 year old Zhou began to light literati to middle-aged rural entrepreneurship. Although he himself "a bit behind the young man’s trip", but his attitude is very young, speaking of WeChat, Taobao, APP and other trendy things closely reasoned and well argued.