Five hot words reflect the new breakthrough in China’s economic reform

this year, China’s comprehensive deepening of a series of economic reforms, but also made a breakthrough in progress, these results from the top five popular words can be seen. Steady growth, decentralization, targeted RRR cuts, new urbanization, to break the glass door"…… Hot words one after another, reflecting a series of important initiatives this year China’s comprehensive deepening reform.

released by the National Bureau of statistics data show that 5 months before this year, the main indicators of economic growth, prices and employment in our country is in a reasonable range. Macroeconomic Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center Zhang Liqun believes that from May data, the overall smooth operation of China’s economy, there are positive signs to stabilize the positive.

"Chinese economy is upgrading a difficult transition period to ensure that growth does not slip bottom line. To take the necessary measures to steady growth underpinning, so to create basic conditions for structural adjustment." Asian Development Bank, said Zhuang Jian, senior economist at the China representative office.

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