What is a good place to open stores

shop is a lot of entrepreneurs have to start a business Avenue, we look at how they are to build their own life career? How can we open a store of their own gold?

1. to open up channels for shops

network developed today, there are many entrepreneurs love through newspaper advertisements, housing intermediary, real estate transactions, the Internet and other information about the shops. However, many of the information on this site is too fragmented, incomplete, outdated information, it will waste a lot of time. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, to find more professional website.

2. shops must pay attention to the location of the surrounding traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units

of shops entrepreneurs, "passenger" is "money flow", do not choose in remote areas because of fear of competition. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation.

3. site to be forward-looking

4. pay attention to the rental price

the different geographical environment, traffic conditions, the structure of the store, the rent will vary greatly, sometimes even a difference of ten times. For entrepreneurs, not only look at the price of the surface, but should consider the cost of rent. For example, the monthly income of 20 thousand yuan in the clothing store, the monthly Won Kim more appropriate, can guarantee a certain margin.

5. looking for the store to combine the project

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