The 3 mistakes of wage earners need to be paid attention to

earners entrepreneurship is a very common phenomenon, many wage earners are tired of the job, many people have entrepreneurial ideas, but salaried entrepreneurs often misunderstand, then we need to pay attention to. The following are the 3 mistakes of wage earners:

1. a lot of workers want to become a business owner, the boss.

2. quit his job as a freelancer.

The first

3. do not blindly think they are investors.


5, 60 thousand dollars to do investors, blind to the money out, investors want to do, is at best a speculator. No one has 5, 60 thousand to buy stocks to buy rather than sell, which is called stocks. This is called speculators buy, buy and not fried called investors. Immature, not so much capital, vision is not enough to become investors. You really have a lot of money to buy a blue chip in there, by the end of this year, the enterprise stock dividend allotment, you feel better than bank deposits. Investors quadrant.

blindly into the free occupation quadrant, you have no skill, experience not to blindly; you do business, you want to start empty-handed, the risk is too big; you want your investors blindly into the quadrant, no capital, you are at best a speculator.

these three mistakes have you ever had? The working experience of the wage earners is insufficient

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