What is the success of rice noodle restaurant

closely followed the development of the food and beverage market, a lot of small entrepreneurs to choose what is the success of rice noodle restaurant? We know that success is the need for ways and means, let us have a further understanding of the following.

1.  positioning to be quasi

2.  dishes enough home

When it comes to join

3.  serve enough to "fast"

mentioned community chain restaurant is different from the commercial area in the restaurant, customers come here to eat and straight, not what to talk and entertainment. In this case, the community food serving speed must be fast, is the best dish in 2 minutes on the table (at the point on the edge), hot dishes as possible in 5 minutes on the table. Don’t let the guests urge vegetables, which requires the kitchen must fully prepared, as much as possible to shorten the interval between order and served. In fact, to serve enough fast, but also can improve the restaurant over Taiwan, not only to benefit others, more selfish.

4.  the delivery process to the "new"

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