What are the ways to attract business in rural retail stores

due to the limitations of the business address, many rural retail customer groups are not many, although the business is not too bad, but it is not hot, if you want to attract more customers, but can not find a way. So, what are the methods of rural retail stores to attract business? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce several.

often hear some retail outlets in rural retail business, said the rural retail business is not good to do, poor rural economic base, low purchasing power of farmers, small population base, etc.. In short, rural retail stores can not be compared with the city’s shops. Although the above situation does exist, but is not to say that there is no big rural retail stores as, in the countryside to do business, according to local conditions, syndrome differentiation, to some practical ways to attract customers, solicit business. I have been in the countryside for several years in the retail business, in this regard have some business experience, and now I will be the accumulation of my rural retail business to attract a number of ways to teach you.

, subscribe to newspapers and magazines.

in the countryside, the farmers’ amateur life is relatively scarce, in addition to watching TV, almost no entertainment. There are a lot of farmers love reading, reading the newspaper, but no library and newspaper kiosks in rural areas, only a few newspapers have been occupied with the village secretary, is not to them. So, the farmers do not read books, not to have to touch the cards and mahjong gambling or squatting chitchatting at the wall. If the newspaper retail book and integral loved books, placed in a retail store, will attract farmers to read.

retail store has been popular, so also worry about wealth does not come? I set up a few years in rural areas, each year on a number of newspapers, evening news, daily life, as well as science and technology news. Now the farmers are fastidious about farming technology, agricultural technical report on the great attention, I set a match up science and technology news in a store, attracted a large number of hobby farming technology in young and old farmers, their every day to my shop to read science and technology news, for a morning.

of course, during which time they will buy cigarettes, buy water to drink, the time of leaving home to think what life activities also bought home. Because more than a few books a year, my store turnover increased by more than 20%. Nowadays, the cultural level of farmers has been raised, and the thirst for knowledge and information has been enhanced.


store for one or several farmers and related newspapers, especially can provide a wealth of information, life information, attract nearby residents to buy things to store newspapers, extended to the store to buy things people residence time, the sale of goods will naturally increase. So do not underestimate the role of these newspapers, a small newspaper, is the retail store trick baby ah!

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