Novice on the road to join the project need to pay attention to ten points

entrepreneurial forces continue to come in the novice, for these inexperienced novice who, to join a good project is the key to success. So what kind of project is a good project? Novice to join a project need to pay attention to what matters? There are ten points to note.

1, how much funding must be prepared?

2, the product or service is the first development is a new product, or is it improved from the old products? Is there a clear difference between the product or service and other industry, with many different or clear and identifiable features?


has a very significant difference and characteristic, difference is not very obvious, but there is no difference. In order to avoid fierce competition, the headquarter of the product or service, there should be a special place, if the headquarter product is not special, but its use of a special sales, distribution channels, or add different "commercial packaging" to present a different way to the public, but also its special the advantage of.

3, market demand or acceptance is significantly increased? At what stage is the brand and product market in which stage of the life cycle?

did not significantly increase, a small increase, a substantial increase. If there is a significant increase in demand in the past, the market is still in the stage of growth, and whether the market has grown is an absolutely important indicator of the future of the industry. When the market demand increases, the most favorable for the franchisee.

>, the growth period and the innovation period

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