The double power eleven golden week launched three quick service

double eleven is coming, consumers into the frenzy of the addition of shopping carts, businesses have begun to enter a state of readiness. Shenyang railway seize the opportunity, for the first time this year to join the logistics war. 4 reporter learned from the Shenyang Railway Bureau, in accordance with the unified arrangement of Chinese railway company, from November 11th to November 20th, the Bureau will launch a new measure to the electricity supplier Golden Week "service, to build high-speed rail express, fast freight trains, scattered cargo express" three "and other products, comprehensive services of logistics.

high-speed rail express as customers provide small goods transported to the whole high-end service

Railway "electric Golden Week" period, the Shenyang Railway Bureau will jointly cre Shenyang branch, the focus on quality of transportation resources, the use of passenger train shipment of small batch, high value, timeliness and strong express, for the day, the next morning, the next day of business, provide small goods transported to the whole service for customers.

delivered time required higher business documents, biological agents, pharmaceutical cold chain, fresh fruit express, using 300 km per hour passenger trains transport, 1 hours before driving can be handled, can realize the next morning, the day and the next day, when necessary, can be sent to the full escort to arrive at the same City; the express passenger trains use luggage cart and fast train transport, speed between 160 km to 300 km, 2 hours before driving can be handled.

it is understood that the current high-speed railway express business in the country has opened 505 City, with safety regulations, fast on time, price concessions and other features and advantages. "The Railway Business Golden Week" period, high-speed rail express business preferential price".

fast trains to achieve Shenyang, Changchun to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places faster transportation

Shenyang Railway Bureau focused on creating 4 pairs of fast freight trains, focusing on electricity supplier customers, courier companies contract business. Among them, X216/7 Shenyang East Tangxi, radiation Guangzhou area; Shenyang East X326/7 times Xindu, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang area radiation; X336/7 nine to the new Jilin Qiaosi, radiation Shanghai, Hangzhou area; Changchun Xinglin north to X202/3 times of radiation in Xiamen area.

Railway "electric Golden Week" period, the electricity supplier can enjoy preferential freight express goods. Fast freight train is characterized by fast on time, in accordance with the way the bus line, the operating path is good, shipped to a short time. Such as Shenyang to Guangzhou, the entire running time of only 47.5 hours.

scattered express fully meet customer diversification needs

delivery business

Railway "electric Golden Week" period, the Shenyang Railway Bureau recommended

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