Shanda literature by virtue of profit was CCTV CCTV exposure


CCTV "consumer advocate" program screenshot.

– the core game revenue for three consecutive quarters of decline in

– Goldman and other international investment bank lowered the continuous rating of

– Express reporter Dong Yi

yesterday, CCTV "consumer advocate" column, comprehensive coverage of the grand literature website related events, Shanda literature’s many novel sites as network pornographic novel source, to expose the bad influence to bring social moral and cultural environment of the network in the grand literature, called for the network supervision departments to rectify the network literature and the purification of the network the environment. In the national anti pornography team against the key period of the Internet and mobile phone media dissemination of pornographic information special action, once with the network game "legend" fortune, and bring up the mainland’s richest man Chen is famous for a big company, has become the focus of society attention again.

Shanda’s more than one site jurisprudence

CCTV reported, reporter survey found that a number of literary website Shanda literature the article exists extensively in pornographic, vulgar content. "The murder" incest (starting point Chinese network), "attack in the laugh, by calling", "jump", daughter-in-law (Jinjiang City Literature), "the president fickle lover" (enchanting Hongxiutianxiang network), "Taiwan, she came from the dust" (banyan), "give birth to a baby followed by our" (reading novels), "she has three or four men" (Xiaoxiang College)…… These sites have many titles not fit to be seen filled with a lot more content, explicit pornography. In order to attract readers, chapter also tend to like "high H shenru" and "pure meat", "male child", "training", "crossing", "female to male", "NP", "SM", "milk" cant attract eyeball.

‘s survey found that the grand literature is mainly registered users pay to read, to the starting point of Chinese network as an example, there are 5 billion words by reading 1000 words every day, users see VIP works, pay 2 cents, only this one income more than 100 thousand yuan a day. Shanda also plans to adapt the network game into fiction, the novel adapted into the game, publications, audio-visual products. As a source of pornography, violence, vulgar network novel, Shanda literature has formed a huge interest chain.


yellow novel package as "network literature" in the online sale, Shanda literature to reap huge profits from. It is understood that Shanda over the past few years, through the acquisition of the monopoly of the network novel market 90%. According to earnings data grand, grand game in the third quarter revenue fell 14%, while the other contains the network literature, the revenue growth of 136%, up to 300 million yuan, while supporting the company’s profit become grand new growth point.

core business continued to slump

why Shanda such a huge Internet company

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