A large number of websites unauthorized reprint traditional media works will be hard


in June 12th, the State Copyright Bureau and other four departments jointly held a national forum on copyright enforcement supervision, Jian Wang 2014 officially launched special operations. The special action will be part of the site is not authorized to reprint a large number of traditional media works, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee’s rights into the key tasks. To determine the number of Internet piracy key case, focus, and fast. Strong views on the people, the social harm of piracy sites, will be strictly punished, according to the law to revoke the qualifications or relevant administrative licensing qualification.

to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen sessions of the second, the third plenary session, to further strengthen the network copyright enforcement supervision, to combat Internet piracy, according to the law of cyberspace governance, purify the network environment copyright, according to the State Council in 2014 to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods required for the deployment of the national copyright administration, the state Internet information the office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security on June 2014 to November to carry out the tenth special treatment to combat Internet piracy Jian Wang action (referred to as "Jian Wang 2014 special action).

compared with the previous special action, the special action to combat unauthorized reprint of a large part of the site of traditional media works, included in the serious violations of human rights violations of the legitimate rights and interests of key tasks, and to standardize the network reproduced behavior, establish a cooperation mechanism to promote the traditional media and network media, guide the right people take a variety of channels rights etc. the way to promote the sustained and healthy development of the Internet industry.

to support the traditional media norms copyright claims rights

Jian Wang 2014 special action identified four key tasks are:

digital rights protection. Focus on digital copyright protection text, video, music, games, software and other works, intensify supervision on the Internet website, network sales platform, mobile intelligent terminal application software store, to crack down on Internet piracy, strengthen the network copyright protection, standardize the order of Internet copyright and copyright management for network management, in order to to maintain the security of network copyright protection.

specification network reprint. By investigating two cases and norms guiding means, organization web site to carry out self correction, increase the active supervision, strengthen supervision and audit website copyright, improve network copyright license fee mechanism to guide the press club and large commercial sites to carry out copyright cooperation, improve network reprint license fee measures, the formation of the network reproduced using the work according to the law to pay license the use of win-win cooperation mechanism.

supports legal rights. Actively promote the Chongqing daily newspaper group issued a copyright statement practices to support the traditional media norms copyright statement, promote network copyright protection self-regulation. Encourage and mobilize the enthusiasm of the rights of the rights holders, and guide the right holders to take administrative complaints, civil litigation and criminal reporting and other means to carry out legitimate rights, flow

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