Stationmaster net broadcast community O2O Siju, how to break the secret Ali’s most inspirational par

1 is 540 million yuan purchase ylmf: domain name  

behind the bright blind;

March 18th, A shares of the listed company Kodak shares announcement today, announced to spend 540 million yuan to buy a whole Guangdong for Computer Technology Co. ltd.. But for, held in the hands of a large number of products is a major highlight of domain name.

heavily purchased 3 digital domain name provoke controversy

ylmf system leading application software products and the Internet service provider, founded in 2005, its products for the Internet users are quite familiar with, including ylmf operating system (Ylmf OS), 114 site navigation, 115 SkyDrive, 3456 site navigation, 111G operating system, network game information portal ylmf.

2 National Network letter office: the central key news website to dispose of seven thousand illegal account  

18 journalists from the national network information office was informed that since the "Regulations" management of the Internet user account name in March 1st formally implemented, the central focus of the news website in the first action, the implementation of management responsibilities, the implementation of the project, in accordance with regulations comprehensive measures to actively control the Internet users account name chaos, the disposal of all kinds of illegal accounts more than 7000.

people: upgrade technology system to strengthen the management of user account name by upgrading the system, improve the audit mechanism, to encourage users to report, investigation, micro-blog, said the forum’s China and local channel forum platform. The disposal of jurisprudence, gambling, drug-related and other six kinds of illegal accounts of nearly 3400.

3 Tencent 2014 earnings: Investment mergers and acquisitions spent 40 billion, bound bank card account over 100 million  

in 2014, Tencent significantly increased investment M & A action, the total amount of an increase of 10 times. Reported last year, the Tencent has a stake in Jingdong, including Locke, NavInfo, 58 city, Southern China City, a number of companies, investment amounted to 40 billion 628 million yuan.

March 18th, Tencent Inc released 2014 fourth quarter and full year results. Total revenue last year was 78 billion 932 million yuan, an increase of 31%. Net profit of 23 billion 888 million yuan, an increase of 53%.

earnings report, the main contribution of Tencent revenue or value-added services, accounting for 80%. Which brings 44 billion 756 million yuan online game revenue. After marriage with Jingdong, due to the flow of Tencent will be transferred to Jingdong, making e-commerce revenue fell sharply from 9 billion 800 million yuan to $4 billion 750 million. However, the cost of e-commerce, the loss of the corresponding decline.

4 O2O community &> Siju, how to break?

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