Didi fast and cut subsidies, the brothers stripped each other to outsmart the route

today, fast cut subsidies, from 13 yuan each reduce subsidies to 10 yuan, before subsidies two passengers a day, at the same time, Didi also issued a message across with fine-tuning: North, on deep, Hangzhou remains unchanged for other city minus 12~20 minus the starting price of $~20 per day, two single type, nouveau riche fast burn mode tends to weaken in intensity, we don’t want to end the dispute came into? I see is the big two for new outfit, reforming route, starting from the burning of the steering line against the naked outwit.

fast, Didi shirtless fight, the user also to benefit directly in

‘s odd state

industry cloud, began to appear on the Internet but no oligarch phenomenon, from the electricity supplier to the O2O to social networking to mobile payment, BAT giants have opened at the moment the earth trembled and the mountains swayed the taxi software burn mode, although from hot leveled off, but the real battle is only just beginning, the aggregation of users resources are opening scene, how to push the taxi follow-up and other mobile payment business and profit from is the essence of war.

let’s take a look at the fast, Didi two taxi software with the recent increase or decrease in the number of passengers to go with the map:



both online and offline, involves the interests of the merchants competition, users must profit from the support of the Tencent, Ali didi and quick taxi software, give users convenient at the same time also caused a lot of problems:

1, random single mode: drivers, passengers together again profit

was a passenger smoking free single random Didi, ten yuan short feel is a waste, and then discuss the payment fill the Columbia taxi costs 200 yuan, the driver from their wallets out of 100 yuan to send to the passengers, the last two people happy transaction, all win.

2, a daily subsidy of two times or is the second time: a short distance of two times a short taxi

not everyone can get free single mode, each 10 yuan, 12 yuan, 13 yuan subsidy sometimes long is also not enough, every day since there are several taxi opportunities, then simply two software at the same time, the taxi hit half off to call, so also do integration free car.

3, many people hit a car, the driver asked everyone to use a software called car

a group of friends to travel to play a car is enough, but the driver asked everyone to use the software called the car, so as to get a distance of several times the cost of subsidies appropriate".

4, Didi, fast subsidies, taxi software will not use a group began to call the car

media reported that more elderly people can not hit the car, in fact, can not hit the car more than the elderly, many people are not familiar with the mobile phone software, Internet information, like people can not hit the car last weekend with friends to the city center, >

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