Cool 6 Hulu website on the main push HD Video Online

March 31st news at noon on 12 o’clock in the afternoon, cool 6 network’s cool theater countdown, the official line, but still can not watch the video on. Cool 6 network said that users can wait to watch.

According to the official

page, "Cool 6 Theatre" will cover film and television drama, animation, variety, documentaries and other copyright video content, through the integration of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States provide video content providers, online video on demand service.

Cool 6 theater, said the person in charge Lei Tao, HD is cool the biggest feature of the theater, the quality of the content of the film and television play and smooth playback speed, can guarantee the visual enjoyment of the user. Theater will also set up a film and television news team, the integration of massive graphics and video data, to provide users with detailed film and television information, trailers, information, will also be taken to establish a film critic community.

Cool 6 network vice president Hao Zhizhong said that the future development of the cool model of the network of the 6, not to give up short or long for a single model, long video and short video is not stripped, but the length of both. The next 6 cool network will do Youtube left hand, right hand to do hulu. High quality HD video services, but also to strengthen the user to share and enhance the media attributes to meet the diverse needs of users, different viewing needs.

March 11th, cool 6 network CEO Li Shanyou announced the launch of cool theater (, used to play movies, TV shows as long as the video, the original Cool 6 network is UGC (user generated content) model based on. (end)


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