Network marketing learning from marketing


this title may seem like a tongue, so please allow Peng Jinjie to do the first begins with the introduction to the title: we all walk in the world, not shopping, not free to enjoy a variety of services…… We choose to enjoy this product or service is called marketing. (PS: I am writing is limited, there may be errors in the local expression of


when you go shopping, when visiting Taobao, whether or not you are splendid commodity Akira dazzled, but suddenly be attracted by a commodity and move not open pace, especially girls believe that this experience will be more obvious, this time will not hesitate to buy this commodity. This time you have been marketing.

when you stop in some stalls or in a mall store when they are interested in a product…… This time, the boss will use the guide or stall the ability to convince you as if it were raining flowers, buy this product, I believe a lot of the time you will be said that the heart incomparable, this time, you have been marketing.


we are always marketing. As a network marketing people, and whether you want to be able to get from these marketing what, what can be inspired.

then please we now think: why we choose this service, there is what kind of reason prompted us to choose this service? Why is this service have? Why we choose this product in many services and products will stand out? This product or service is how to communicate we get here?……

, I believe many people just enjoy shopping and service is fun, but never thought about the reason behind what is, the above problems are unintentionally, and never think about the meaning of.

why do we choose such a service, what causes us to choose such a service. It must be based on what kind of information we know: good products, good service, brand name, fashion and so on, which is why we choose them. In other words, we are in the promotion of a product is not based on product advantages, service advantages targeted promotion, marketing it?.

why the birth of this service. This can be understood as: because this product or service is user needs, there is a market. This in the network marketing tells us: do products need to meet the needs of users; need to constantly for the market, user feedback product improvement. Here, this is not the same with millet sense of participation…….

in a variety of services and products we choose why this product will stand out. We can analyze the reasons for its stand out and then learn to use: the business model of excellence, excellent products, better service, price advantage, why the price is more advantage…… You continue to dig this afternoon, "

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