Let your micro-blog, subscription number quickly rose fans in 4 ways

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500.co, author Mark Saldañ a. This article is about the 4 ways to make Twitter powder up, through Twitter to marketing. Although in China, we are more often used social media is micro-blog, WeChat (public subscription account) and so on, but I believe that the text of the idea of the powder also apply.


your company’s main business is definitely not sending Twitter messages. But social networking is a cheap way to broaden your customer base and potential customer base. The great thing about Twitter is that it is a fantastic choice for the public to experiment. You don’t have to do crazy things, you just need a few different skills to see the statistically significant changes. You can use the following ideas to quickly start Twitter marketing:

1 often push

it seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar but I couldn’t help, want to point out that many times I went to see a startup Twitter, they found a still recently issued in 2012. If you want to rise, you have to push all the time. And that doesn’t mean you have to hire a social media specialist, if you use a timed push tool, you can prepare a lot of stuff early in the week and then release it in a matter of hours. Also, because many customers are not in your time zone, so if in the depth of night send some twitter messages, don’t feel bad.

no one is willing to pay attention to a twitter account that looks like a dead man. So be sure to keep the normal frequency when you are online, make sure your user profile has a profile, title image and background image. Do not use the default bird egg avatar.

2 naked to tell users to come over and pay attention to my

if you already have a lot of product users, or blog readers, by making their own name clearly displayed, pull them up to Twitter. Place a button at the key point of your product or web site to allow people to view your Twitter data. The Verge and Buffer in their own official blog, both in a well-designed, non-invasive way to attract people’s attention Twitter.



if you have a mobile phone application, you should have your Twitter account quietly prompts the user attention, as long as a place in the application of these tips can be relaxed, because users have on their mobile devices on twitter. You should include your company’s Twitter account at any time in writing, presenting, or creating content. If you will

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