Campus site how to use the network to promote enrollment

now education is becoming more and more popular, the school is also increasing, facing the school, parents are not looking at dizzying? Those schools on the site of friends, our problem is that how we from many schools which became a talent shows itself? We have brains to investigate the problem. Golden Wangzhuan have a friend is to do their own private schools, I will help him do recruit students, then I put forward can do a website for the school, but also for parents to watch, then the effect confirms our choice is right.

first: website content production should pay attention to the next, how to make a match in order to let others see a good school, to attract parents. After all, every parent wants their children to go to a good school. A brief introduction of their school, teachers, courses, as well as students after graduation to help employment, a full range of parents to show. There is a very important thing is the school environment, it is best to take some photos posted on the site, do some landscaping. Of course, the school itself hardware facilities is good, can’t deceive parents, to give students the best environment to provide their learning.

second: search engine search engine on the investment is the purchase of search engine specific keywords ranking or location, of course can not go to some small search engine, compared to the well-known websites, such as Baidu, Google these. As for the key words or to those who want to do their own school website friends a lot of trouble. A good keyword is the site can bring a considerable amount of browsing.

third: blog promotion now blog is not just for people to write articles for leisure and entertainment, a lot of people have promoted the blog as the preferred promotion. Written on the blog more soft, plus their own site, the effect is very obvious. The most important thing is to do a good job blog SEO, more people are ready to find us. Come again is to join some circles, in the circle of active. Take some time to leave footprints everywhere, and don’t forget to advertise your website. But don’t let people as spam or only The loss outweighs the gain..

fourth: let others do publicity this method is very simple for your website, we can through the QQ, MSN, the third party, or guide other users of the school to carry out training programs and services for evaluation, so as to attract more people to see our website, plus the construction of their website, up and down attack. How can effect is not obvious? Of course, everyone in your school website sit up and take notice, will attract more people to.

fifth: with other sites to cooperate with our partners, should not be the other school website, it should be some of the more well-known well-known training enrollment website cooperation. The use of their platform and good service for their own site to do publicity, has attracted students.

sixth: advertising for their own site advertising a lot of ways, mainly in the student training, the portal site, but also a number of comparisons >

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