Ali will build B2B foreign trade ecosystem to improve trade data

Alibaba has not satisfied with the status quo of B2B information publishing platform, and will focus on the hope of big data in the provision of more perfect import and export trade services for smes.

Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba with a scouring, Ali cloud, Alipay and a series of products, build e-commerce China solid barriers, throughout the country, business world, is ali. At the same time, Alibaba accumulated the largest trading data in China, which is the core of the development of large data base.

now, Alibaba trying to import and export services in the field of B2B to build a small and medium enterprises import and export services for foreign trade ecosystem.

the afternoon of May 13th, under the Alibaba under the platform through a "export subsidies" held a press conference in Beijing, the conference shows the future of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises as long as the logistics, customs clearance, tax rebates and other service sectors through the Alibaba "octopus" online platform for export, export $1 each, you can get 2-3 cents RMB foreign trade service subsidies.

Alibaba B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said, although the sound is not more than 3 cents, but before the comparison of small and medium-sized enterprises frequently have to pay more than 30% of the import and export agency fees, the use of an octopus platform not only do not spend money, but also enjoy the extra subsidies. Alibaba will benefit from economies of scale, rather than a single profit from smes. The implication for this will be a win-win situation.

free + subsidy

The general manager of Alibaba

foreign trade integrated services division Wei Qiang said, is a free platform for small and medium-sized enterprises through foreign trade benefits, and three cents subsidies is to show that the Alibaba service attitude, hope to be able in a relatively short period of time to attract more small and medium-sized enterprises to join.

at present, foreign trade integrated service platform in China very fast pace of development in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, like this kind of foreign trade in more developed regions, enterprises have generally started to accept through the third party platform to complete the foreign trade circulation of each complex link. But from the current situation, the cost of import and export service agents is still relatively high, some companies spend more than 30% of the total cost of the order in the agency.

in addition, Wu Minzhi also mentioned that China’s foreign trade enterprises in labor costs, rising raw material costs in the process, making the profits of enterprises has become increasingly low. A Alibaba the "export subsidies" policy can be said to be a boon for many small and medium sized enterprises.

in the export subsidy policy is as follows, domestic small and medium-sized enterprises as long as the logistics, customs clearance, tax rebates and other service sectors through the Alibaba through a "online platform for exports, $1 per cent of exports, can obtain 2-3 RMB trade service subsidies. About 2 cents or 3 cents to define Wei Qiang is so explained:

subsidy of 3 is for enterprise use online self-help mode, if the enterprise is by way of telephone to a work >

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