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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 30th news, in 20 this month, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard SkyDrive service copyright order, SkyDrive pointed out that service providers should take effective measures to stop the illegal users upload and share unauthorized works.

it is understood that SkyDrive in the whole process without having to pay any copyright licensing fees to increase its user base, and spread a lot of infringing works. The genuine video site because of paying huge copyright procurement costs and put a heavy cost pressure, coupled with the update far less than the speed of these piracy sites, the user’s loss is serious, the genuine video market is facing a hitherto unknown challenge, forming a vicious spiral of bad money drives out good money.

New types of piracy caused by

in SkyDrive, SkyDrive services are an important part of. Generally speaking, SkyDrive service providers to provide users with storage space for the storage of personal data information, does not upload infringing content. But in practice, some of the SkyDrive service provider right of users to upload the copyright not to a reasonable duty of care, part of the SkyDrive service provider knows or should know SkyDrive users to upload, store and share service through the spread of pirated content, still take a laissez faire attitude, even for users to upload, store and share content to help piracy and guide.

in addition, some SkyDrive services not in accordance with the legal provisions and earnestly fulfill the "notice delete" of human rights obligations, send the request to remove infringing works or disconnect infringement notice links not in time, the consequences of aggravated acts of infringement.


notification requirements, SkyDrive service providers or organization shall not upload unauthorized works, not for users to upload and storage works for editing, recommendation, ranking and other processing, not in a variety of ways to guide, to induce and encourage the user to share the illegal works of others. Users use other forms of network services illegal sharing of the works of others, SkyDrive service providers shall strengthen the management of users.

Means of infringing content screening technology

currently used by SkyDrive service providers, mainly has two kinds: one is the use of keywords to carry out, for human rights notice, the copyright administration department announced the key supervision works, and the works of keyword extraction hot hit, shielding of the existence of these keywords; the other is a MD5 code using a unique identifier works, shielding of related works.

of the national copyright administration made it clear in the notice, SkyDrive service providers shall take effective measures to prevent illegal users to upload, store and share is hit, selling works, publishing, film and television, music and other professional publications or other significant productions, perception is unauthorized provide works. The notice also clear that SkyDrive service provider after receiving notification, human rights complaints within 24 hours after removing infringing works, delete, disconnect infringing works related links.

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