Tmall ten one or two hours turnover of 3 billion 370 million over last year, all day long


eleven that night, Alipay’s Hangzhou office lights lit.


technology news November 11th morning news, Alibaba group said, as of today at 2:19 in the morning, Tmall eleven Alipay double turnover has reached 3 billion 370 million, more than double last year’s eleven Tmall records all day long.

Zhang Yong, President of Tmall

expects eleven annual sales this year is expected to exceed 10 billion. According to Tmall data, the first minute after 0 am today, more than 10 million independent users into Tmall. 10 minutes later, Alipay turnover of 250 million. 37 minutes later, the figure crossed the 1 billion line. At 1:10, the Alipay Tmall total turnover reached 2 billion yuan. Camel, GXG, JACK&JONES three stores in more than 10 million mark in less than 1 hours.

and micro-blog users on the basis of feedback, due to the flow is too large, Tmall’s product page, payment pages are unstable problems appear. Many users can not respond to a single payment or failure. In addition, there are problems of online banking system with China Merchants Bank, Bank of the user response.

as Tmall’s push to promote the brand since 2009, eleven has become a commercial phenomenon. This year eleven, Jingdong, mall, and one store platform in advance or at the same time to promotion, in order to win a share in this wave of rush in. In the official Tmall Sina micro-blog constantly broadcast double eleven messages at the same time, the Jingdong store, Gome online mall and micro-blog official also in high frequency push the official promotional information, formation against potential and Tmall. Dangdang is no information update.

and Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma said yesterday in an interview with CCTV, Tmall double eleven is not a war between the electricity supplier, but the new business model and the traditional business model of the war. Electricity supplier as the representative of the new business ecosystem will carry out a revolutionary subversion of the traditional business ecosystem. (Li Yun)


electricity supplier war Singles Day Carnival and pain: fighting platform of

for businesses

        business enterprise rush double 11 Tmall the day turnover hit 10 billion

        Tmall 11.11 shopping Carnival total trading volume of 10 minutes over 250 million

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