A has won the verification code how can we prove ourselves


if you surf the web more than just browsing the web (and most people do), then you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of authentication codes. In order to prove that the human use of the computer, you must enter the string of very vague characters, and even the emergence of sound, mathematical problems, pictures and other forms of verification code. Based on the Turing test verification code (Turing) as early as 10 years ago, and are still in use and is widely used.

Constance a study shows that: people are often difficult to identify the verification code, 1/5 of users will encounter the verification code will choose to close the page.

we have always believed that the input verification code enables us to secure the security of the network. But now it is more and more difficult for people to understand the fuzzy verification code, and artificial intelligence programs can easily handle.

software developer Andrew Munsell recently released a blog that was deeply hit: Google verification code verification code system in the next few verification code input errors, and even can not enter the correct login, said a large number of users enter the verification code is very awful. Every day, 280 million of the authentication code is entered on the Internet, so this experience is not uncommon.

theory, the verification code plays the role of the gatekeeper system, because the verification code must have 2 conditions:

users can correctly enter the identification symbol or perform a set of operations to complete the verification


program could not identify the symbol and could not perform the operation

in order to protect network security, authentication code is commonly used for user registration, association menu, or login failed after the re login. However, users generally complain about the site’s verification code is too cumbersome, and the number of input failures too much, the site may freeze the user ID, limiting user login.

however, although humans are sometimes unable to enter the correct verification code through verification, but unless there are loopholes in the system, the program will not be able to verify. In order to achieve the purpose of security, the verification code must not be programmed by the optical character recognition (OCR), the verification operation can not be implemented by the software.

The key to the


first, there have been a number of strategies to improve the ability to identify scripts, crack code. For example, by image denoising to enhance the optical character recognition (OCR), remove the additional lines on the verification code picture. Another idea is to rotate, correct, and bend the extraction of image character elements, modern photo editing software basically have these features. Verification code picture library has also appeared, Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of them. There is also a large number of verification code recognition software, such as Death by CAPTCHA. The hackers have been successful beyond the sound verification

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