The next ten years of the nternet is still Ali and Tencent

In the short-term fluctuations in the market value of Listed Companies in

, may be able to reflect some stress events, such as Apple’s market capitalization in recent weeks a net increase of $63 billion, the biggest single week shares rose record since five years, it is that there is a causal relationship and may permit the sale of iPhone 7.


however, this game does not constitute the basis for value judgments, the capital market will continue to rise and landing are tidal, normal, integral as a Sports League list, a competition for the market very little influence.

with the global stock market, boost their performance with the Tencent, and Ali’s stock is booming, and qualifying these two giants are also eyeing "Asia first", the corresponding topic total media.

a month ago, after the Tencent announced the first half earnings, the stock price rose 6%, jumped more than Ali to become Asia’s most valuable technology company, the Wu Xiaobo channel editor then let me share my opinion, is to say:

Ali’s market capitalization must consider the product of ant gold suit and the two rookie logistics in Ali group outside, after in their growth and imagination, the Tencent should still not Ali’s body.

is currently in the Jingdong and Ali competition is becoming more and more difficult, because it is the previous open road, logistics, warehousing and so on, are the descendants of Ali copy, and have experience in the case of catching up at a faster rate, so the Tencent for the Jingdong’s support will increase, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Huateng can’t afford to lose this war.

Tencent and Ali in recent earnings report as much as possible to show their non main business highlights, the former game revenue for the first time pressure to less than 50%, the latter is played "is no longer a supplier of home appliances company" slogan.

now seems that Tencent’s business is more solid, the game’s profit margin is quite high, and advertising is the world’s most developed business model, as long as the Tencent will do these two businesses, the risk is minimal. Ali is risk oriented enterprises, its variables, may be beyond the imagination of most people, but its meddling in many areas, it is the test of the company’s management ability, so Ali in plasticity and risk, are higher than the Tencent.

is not surprising, a month later, Ali once again anti Tencent, return to Asia first, and let the media uproar.

today’s Ali listed in the U.S. the two anniversary of the day, Ma has sent a micro-blog, "said two years, experienced a lot of what happened and shouldn’t happen, two years ago has been practicing the trust tour, has been struggling in the trust and misunderstanding, always believe in. "

rather gloomy.

as everyone knows Buffett’s investment scope, rarely involved in the technology industry, he was in charge of the burr and >

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