A murder caused by domain names Oculus and B fans of the war torn

Lei Feng network July 2nd hearing, Oculus VR for the Oculusrift.com domain name, has passed UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, unified Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) formally filed a complaint.

Oculusrift.com domain name was registered by a developer named Ivan in June 2012, when it was Oculus 2 months before the start of the VR Smirnov congregation raised in the Kickstarter. Oculusrift.com started as a forum for the exchange of virtual reality hardware game developers, virtual reality fans, amateurs and professionals to provide a platform to discuss VR.

Ivan revealed to the outside world, there have been third other parties, including Oculus, trying to buy Oculusrift.com traffic or domain name, were rejected.


Oculus was acquired by Facebook since last year, recently began to use the domain name Oculus.com, but the company did not give up the battle for Oculusrift.com, after several fruitless negotiations, Oculus prepared through the legal way to obtain the domain name.

from the current situation, OculusVR think big, the company has "trademark ownership of Oculus Rift, according to the rules of UDRP, according to the international recognition on the website name battle, if the accused party thinks he has disputed domain name rights, and the domain name and other trademarks or service marks with the same or similar to the rights of the accused party confusing, so the accused party can through legal proceedings for the domain name, now, Oculusrift.com forum has been forced to close.


Oculus so that Oculusrift.com is to use the Oculus trademark, which is domain name, trademark infringement and unfair competition behavior.

and Ivan do not think so, he said, Oculusrift.com is a virtual reality amateur team, everyone on the team is as volunteers to use personal time to guide the community building, community and did not sell anything, no advertising, no damage to the interests of the company Oculus VR, and even create benefits for the. He also said that in the Oculusrift.com website, has publicly stated that: This is not the official site of Oculus VR.

Ivan also revealed some insider information to the outside world: Oculus’s lawyer had contacted him, Oculus said the Oculusrift.com community should put them

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