A wide range of domestic DNS fault Sina micro-blog and other sites are resolved to

A5 station network January 21st news: today about 15:20 in the afternoon, a large number of users Sina and Baidu and other well-known Web sites A5 webmasters have received many webmaster feedback their website does not open, owned by A5, including admin5.com, admin5.cn and many other sites also appeared unable to access the situation. According to the results of Ping, including Sina, Baidu, micro-blog and many other A5 webmasters use the COM domain name station appeared to be resolved to the DNSPod official micro-blog said that at present the root of all the domestic top-level domain of the exception, has been linked to the relevant agencies to deal with. (Yang Yang)

DNSPoD related announcement

Ping Baidu shows the results of

pingA5 webmaster network shows the results of

previously Ping Sina micro-blog shows the results of

Sina micro-blog has returned to normal

it is understood that the domestic use of COM domain name site DNS analysis have problems. Sina micro-blog DNS has returned to normal, while Baidu is still unable to resolve to resolve, is currently being gradually restored. I remind users, if there is a problem because of the DNS analysis site can not be accessed, the network connection properties can be set to DNS, normal access.

      the latest news, according to Baidu to speed up the Lecong telecom department to get the message, the current DNS fault has been restored in various regions, operators have been cleared in various regions of the recursive DNS cache DNS.


what is DNS

DNS is the domain name system (Domain Name System) abbreviation, is a core service of the Internet, it can be used as a distributed database of domain names and IP addresses mapped to each other, can make people more convenient access to the Internet, without having to remember the machine can be directly read IP number string.

people used to remember domain name, but between machines only recognize one another IP address, domain name and IP address is one-to-one, the conversion between them is called domain name, the domain name needed by special DNS server to complete the whole process is done automatically. When your website is completed to your virtual machine, you can enter the IP address of your website directly in the browser, you can enter the domain name query your website, although the content is the same but the calling process is not the same, enter the IP address directly from the host call content, input the domain name is the DNS server to the corresponding host IP address, and then call the content of the web site from the host. >

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