Swim $162 million 500 thousand M & a game portal 17173.com

November 30th morning news, tour and the parent company Sohu announced today, has signed a final agreement in November 29, 2011, the tour will from the Sohu merger game information portal 17173.com (the following is called "17173") business, the transaction price of $162 million 500 thousand in cash.

according to the terms of the transaction agreement, the tour will be $162 million 500 thousand in fixed cash consideration from Sohu’s acquisition of all assets related to the business of 17173. The transaction is expected to be completed in December 2011 after the completion of the specified conditions of the transaction agreement. Taking into account the transaction agreement, Sohu and swim to amend the current non compete agreement, Sohu agreed to five days from the date of delivery of the transaction agreement is not competing with the tour in the 17173 business areas.

In addition,

and Sohu has signed a service agreement and online connection and advertising agreement. According to the service and advertising agreement, Sohu to provide specific technical support, links and advertising space, including the provision and maintenance of landing systems, information management and virtual currency payment system. The virtual currency payment system for the service and advertising agreement has a term of 25 years, with an initial term of all other services, links and advertising space for a total of approximately $3 for a total of $30 million.

in addition, according to the service and advertising agreement, have the right to swim about $5 million will extend some permissions for 22 years, and can obtain permanent landing software system and information management system of the authorization in the initial period of three years after the end of the.

swim and Sohu’s board of directors has approved the transaction agreement, the transaction related agreements, services and advertising agreements.

data show that Sohu in 2003 will be 17173 in the bag, according to media reports at the time, Sohu mergers and acquisitions for the full amount of cash to pay a total investment of $20 million 500 thousand in 17173. (Wood)

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