Facebook CEO VS Microsoft CEO wealth or technology contest

science and technology to create wealth, wealth to promote scientific and technological progress, which is an undeniable fact. Facebook CEO VS Microsoft Corp CEO: wealth or technology contest? With the Facebook IPO shares worth $11 billion 800 million, 27 year old Mark · Zuckerberg, as one of the richest people in the world will further consolidate the status of.

Facebook provides the value of the shares at $28 to $35, a total of about $33 billion 740 million, Facebook founder and CEO Mark · according to a regulatory filing; the upper Zuckerberg stake in this range, will reach $17 billion 600 million, also said he is richer than the Microsoft Corp CEO and President Ballmer yesterday, according to Bloomberg billionaires list of Microsoft CEO Ballmer reported a net worth of $1 billion 540 million.

Zuckerberg, 19 years old when he began to serve in the dormitory for Harvard University students, Facebook’s most popular first-class social networking sites, according to statistics in the first quarter, there are 9 million users. Now the facts have proven that he has the leadership ability to create enough growth to prove the value of the company.


"the Silicon Valley the whole story is hard work, entrepreneurial technology enthusiasts have great rewards, Zuckerberg now faces the challenge, with his company’s growth he can quickly grow? Zuckerberg can grow faster than the growth of his company? As a leader, you must know what to do." Saffo’s investor analysis.

Zuckerberg used the MySpace website’s reputation, the rapid introduction of new products, MySpace helped the company become one of the most popular social service website, also replaced Google, Twitter Inc. and other social media sites, become the dark horse of this field, its developers expand generation application platform, the user can provide music, movies, the electronic commerce options and other additional content.

Facebook’s IPO value will be up to $9 billion 600 million. Only to provide $1 million 800 thousand of the shares, the current owners such as accel partners and digital sky technologies offer 1 million 574 thousand shares. Zuckerberg provided $302 thousand in capital, his shares of 53 million 380 thousand shares, most of his net income will be used to pay the relevant taxes on the exercise of stock options.


Zuckerberg may submit 57% of the voting rights of the Facebook control. After the company started in 2004, he drew a great deal of patience in the Facebook IPO, he will launch Facebook >

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