Do not believe that the rapid enrichment, see my smooth promotion

is here today to share some of my experience with the site, not to provide you with a quick fortune.

drift in the Internet for a long time, there are always a lot of friends asked me, there is no way to engage in free QQ space, free space which is good, and so on, for this reason, I decided to build a free resource network. So in 07 years in October 27th, I registered a domain name to start building.

the first step: choose web site program. I have seen a lot of people to talk program at the time, yes, but in the end did not choose PowerEasy, the main reason is that I don’t have so many functions. Finally, I choose CMS. Mainly because the system is simple, into a static state, the most critical is that it can turn URL into pinyin. Many experts say that this is conducive to the work of spiders!

second step: website content. Because it is a personal station, it is impossible to rely on my own to gather information on the internet. So mainly from other free resources online reprint articles. Here, a lot of people may think of the collection, but I did not use, although I support the use of the web site collection, but I think the acquisition of SEO is very unfriendly. So the most traditional way of using the human station: "human flesh add"


add" this move has been circulating in the arena for many years, from the beginning I have been using this website, mix in the political arena, experience is the title of the article must be changed. The principle of change is the more suitable for people to search habits. For example: try not to use the "domestic super free SkyDrive 20G". But "free SkyDrive 20G- home" or "domestic free website 20G". I think it is more adapted to people’s usual search habits!

third step: promotion site. My first loyalty is to do SEO promotion, mainly is to choose a few good keywords, but I am a rookie, also how can do a single word. So I had to put the goal, to do a few keywords, and only upset. This step is not much to say. Online wrote some articles about SEO lot of expert, can be see. I recommend that we go to the free network look more practical articles.

fourth step: observation and maintenance. I do not know what the guy said "it is easy to start setting difficult". This guy must be a successful man. A website has just started, no flow is very normal. We must not give up at this time, many webmaster is to this step, see no flow to give up. And then change the theme of other sites in Chengdu, the passage of time, this cycle. The dashed, watching others make money.

I remember when I first started this station. Baidu has not included, no matter what I do on the site, such as Baidu, my site to do the chain, or directly submitted no response. Because it is a new CN domain name well, but I see from my space log, Baidu spider actually no less than 3 times a day to my site, I know this is hope, >

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