push mushroom channel integration selection of quality products

days ago, women’s fashion and fashion consumer platform largest businesses, held meeting in Guangzhou, and announced at the scene, after several months of preparation and "3.21" to promote the success of trial operation, the best product quality businesses set channel "mushroom yield" officially launched operation. station to become an independent channel, will provide cost-effective, and quality assurance to ensure the quality of consumer shopping experience. This is also the beginning of this year, to promote the 2016 quality improvement program is an important part of.


integrated select merchants quality merchandise

has just recently released "13th Five-Year" plan, promote the upgrading of consumption is considered to be one of the new space for future development. Outline to support information, green, fashion, quality and other new consumption, the implementation of the quality of consumer goods to enhance the project, etc., to accelerate the upgrading of consumption, better meet, create consumer demand.


"mushroom yield" director Zhang Xin, to provide more diversified, personalized fashion products to users through electronic business platform, and ensure the quality of the commodity, and continuously improve product quality, but also reflects the platform is committed to continuously improve the user experience.

officially launched the "mushroom yield" channel, the check from the style, fabric, version type, close to the popular trend of selected style, professional team in accordance with the platform quality inspection standards, strict quality inspection checks, professional team with "visual UNI gravity" certification Reds joint real shot, showing the texture of the goods at the same time, also share collocation method for screening of consumers and provide good business item collection, quality and price have become the fashion goods channel. Prior to this, mushroom good channel has been in’s 3.21 big promotion on-line trial operation by the user’s attention.


aims to continue to enhance the user shopping experience


users, the mushroom yield will provide more high-quality goods and services, to further enhance the user’s shopping experience; and for businesses, simple and direct means of new sales channels, but also can bring to enhance brand awareness, shop.

investment in the standard requirements, mushroom yield on business is: 3 above, monthly sales of more than 3000, DSR more than 4.5, businesses need to have independent storage productivity, or fixed cooperation manufacturers and storage capacity, can undertake the production and delivery of good product after single storage capacity etc..

according to reports, mushroom good is around the consumer upgrade, continue to enhance the user experience an important part. at the beginning of this year to promote the 2016 quality improvement program, this program in addition to mushroom good, but also includes the release of a new platform to upgrade the quality

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