Annual salary of 300 thousand copies are usually doing

one minute on the stage takes ten years. What to eat what to pull, want to write something precious, first belly to hold countless table delicacies from land and sea. So the writers are A single word of gold., usually in



copy should pay attention to world outlook.

you want to know the world, through the words to express. Readers are more likely to be your world view, they will be attracted to your point of view, rather than empty adjectives and rhetoric.

reading, can form their own world view, increase the knowledge to expand the circle of knowledge. Those who are forced to cattle, almost all the book madman. They cook shit drips will sleep in their reading, to prepare for A single word of gold.



" the film will never ever meet again following the fire, not copy.

has heard a lot of truth, but it is still too bad this life

"child Caifen wrong, you only look at the pros and cons of

, for example, the theme of a brand activity.

"we are children, we must give adults a little face".


watch movies, learn to write a picture full of stories.

used to watch movies, just look at. It’s different now. I know a good movie is a very good story. Watching movies, you can learn how to tell a story, with the least picture and lines.

copy is more and more important, because we are constantly yearning for the story. A product, not just the product itself, but also hidden behind the story.


when we were in elementary school, we were doing this. The primary school "talk" is a very good copy of the training method, a map for us a story. A picture, there are a lot of stories. The same product, different stories will determine its pros and cons.


when you can not think of what to write, as well as chat with customers. Customers can not only provide you with the requirements, but also tell you what to write. About the product, the customer is more clear than us. With regard to features, customers are more familiar with. All we have to do is to express what they know, in a way that is easy to understand.


, for example, when your client tells you that his home MP3 is small enough to hold 3000 songs. You might write something like Jobs. "Put 3000 songs in your pocket". The customer tells a fact that his family’s mask is natural, one or two days will not change >

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