Jingdong to enter the market for college students 30 days without interest repayment

[Abstract] a large Jingdong campus ious business scenarios are college students to buy books.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 15th

domestic market competition is fierce to enter the stage of college students, as the stage music, interest installments have announced a new round of financing on the occasion, the electricity supplier predators Jingdong officially reached the market. The financial Jingdong today announced the launch of the campus service.

financial Jingdong said, do not need to pay the campus ious in the credit line, can be completed within 30 days of purchase, repayment, do not charge interest, even if the choice of education and training and other large expenditures can choose 3 to 24 months installments, interbank interest rates much lower fees.

Jingdong campus ious application scenarios, providing services in college students’ rational consumption of food, clothing, books and other low price category.

some people questioned the possibility of expanding the consumer credit business for students with no spending power. In this regard, Jingdong finance, said the Jingdong will make full use of the advantages of these data, logistics advantages, brand advantage to risk control.

is a Jingdong of Tencent financial sources said, the campus ious wind control practice has two kinds, one is part of university students in the Jingdong have some shopping, credit system, another Jingdong, financial cooperation with the school, get some personal credit data.

pointed out above, a large Jingdong campus ious business scenarios are college students to buy books. The current book has become a Jingdong in addition to 3C is very important category, parents are willing to pay for students in education.

CEO Liu Qiangdong group Jingdong (micro-blog) has said that the students use campus ious education consumption growth is huge, and the campus ious in the education and training and other related books for student service targets.

electric installment is an important test of the students’ ability of financing and consumption habits, has also been questioned as to provide services to the consumer without usury ability of college students, the final result is the parents of students to pay.

financial Jingdong has said, to enter the campus and not to earn interest installments, but hope that the innovation of financial products to better consumer experience to the Jingdong store groups of students, and construct students credit model.

Jingdong involved in the college stage ious market, also means that the stage of music and fun staging these startups will face enormous challenges. These start-up companies are under the help of the capital, the market base for college students, to other stages of market expansion.

this fun staging COO Liu Shuang (micro-blog), Jingdong campus ious business with interest installments, stage music business is not the same, the Jingdong ious business only for the Jingdong business, but the interesting music for the stage, stage of whole network business.

Liu Shuang said that the Jingdong campus ious lacks interest installments these startups that >

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