Talk about the future development of China’s manufacturing industry and the electricity supplier ind

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e-commerce in the China into the stable period has been nearly 10 years, and now the big e-commerce market began to create barriers, Jingdong mall layout of logistics industry, where the customer is more in the vertical field of fine, Ali as their ancestor, market position is unshakable, Taobao mall is so many Taobao the seller put on a gorgeous coat brand. As the development of electronic commerce, the hot wind, when frequently awesome, a lot of the financial strength of the traditional industry to enter the e-commerce, to ride the wind and waves of electricity supplier in the Red Sea, Yifan pilot.

however, I think, if the electricity supplier of the road to a golden road, then began to take the people must be picking up a pours, then crush washed up, good luck, even also can pick up some debris. While these later people shouted, questioning when walking in front of the leading people have tasted defeat, people have left, this time, when the traditional manufacturing industry to enter the.


manufacturing is the foundation of economic growth, the economy is equivalent to the drama behind the creator. Whether it is e-commerce or traditional entity management, commodity trading must be able to create profits, and the need for goods must be produced. Focus – I think the control of manufacturing, this link is the lifeblood of the future development of e-commerce. Throughout history, thousands of years, farmers in the land away the landlord surnamed Liu, in the landlord, landlord surnamed Yang away ushered in the lee of the landlord. However, in the era of capital operation, manufacturing is the land of the king of the economy.

so, how to deal with the relationship between the manufacturing enterprises and e-commerce enterprises?

if the manufacturing industry entrepreneurs have seen the power of electronic commerce, not willing to become the business enterprise OEM days after the puppet, and now do not start to change. What do you think? I think it’s time to do three things:

, 1 "high wall" — the use of various means to enhance the orders, expand the scale of production, reduce the loss of workers, attract talent, occupy the leading position in the same industry.

2, "extensive grain" – do a good job of capital reserves.

3, "slow kings" – what is the "King", which occupy most of the market share in the professional market, such as commodity industries, Procter & gamble.

e-commerce as a new business model, once covered with a veil of mystery, about the relationship between traditional commerce and e-commerce, there have been a variety of sounds, gap theory, theory of revolution, mixed. Electricity supplier talent shortage was once engaged in electricity supplier managers impetuous.

e-commerce as a business model has its advantages, but also gradually be more people to accept, it is not difficult to see from the annual report of online shopping consumption. I think, since it is a business model, there is a transaction, there are rules to follow the transaction. At present, the domestic online shopping services have thousands of sites, money or

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