Hunan college students to sell Li Yinhe domain name on the million

Hunan college students to sell Li Yinhe domain name of one million


sale "www. Li.Com", 1 million yuan! The day before the opening of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center of the fourth session of the international China adult health and Reproductive Health Exhibition (referred to as "Shanghai adult Exhibition"), a university student from Hunan station in People are hurrying to and fro. aisle, hands holding this piece of paper, quietly selling Li Yinhe Chinese domain, a time attracted onlookers.

the university student named Zhou Yifeng, is a website marketing staff. According to Zhou Yifeng introduction, he is from the website to see the news of the Shanghai adult exhibition, came riding a bike from Hunan.

Zhou Yifeng said that the domain name is Li Yinhe Chinese he registered, the Shanghai bazaar, the main purpose is to raise money for the establishment of a special relief of unmarried pregnant girls foundation, and raise related surgery for unmarried girls cost. "I want to use the domain name sale raised 1 million yuan to help them."

Zhou Yifeng said, the day early in the morning he hurried to the hall, but until more than 10 were allowed into the hall. To this end, he deliberately chose to show the regional underwear aisle for charity, because here the largest flow of people. But the Morning Post reporter found that, in addition to the audience here to cast him with curiosity, puzzled eyes, the real people who came forward to ask very little. "Only a few people exchanged business cards with me in the morning, and there was no substantive progress." Zhou Yifeng said. "How to prove that the domain name belongs to you? Aren’t you afraid that Li Yinhe is suing you?" For many passers-by question, Zhou Yifeng very calm. Zhou Yifeng said that if someone is willing to pay 1 million yuan, he will provide effective proof of the person, and he is not worried that he will fight with him, because he felt that he would approve of his actions.

Morning Post reporter then found in the online inquiry, "www. Li.Com" domain name is registered by the Hunan Zhangjiajie Yongding District, a man named zhouyifeng, the registration time is May 14, 2006.

cannot confirm the online zhouyifeng is his own, but Zhou Yifeng for his charity decided attitude is very firm. He said that if this can not be successfully sold in Shanghai adult exhibition, he will ride to another exhibition in Xinjiang continue to sell domain names.

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