How to realize the natural flow of Shanghai Dragon

2, the natural flow of purchase behavior data, in order to analyze the staff to understand the needs of users

third, how to obtain the natural flow of

natural flow is the needs of customers through search engines, or other local links, anchor text, or other ways of the Internet, access to web sites, click access, this process produces a PV called the site natural flow.


for example, I now want to buy a mobile phone, from the Jingdong Taobao saw a lot of brands of mobile phone, and finally see this oppo find7, however, it is a mobile phone on my white, and inside the mall mobile phone information is not let me have a comprehensive understanding of it, so I’m going to do? Of course is what you love Shanghai, I will search oppo find7 how and how much the price, better use of keywords and so on, the more product information, so as to get high quality and inexpensive mobile phone. So, this time, I am one of those mobile phone website for people, I through the search keywords in these web sites are natural flow, I know about the site of some of the content, the more likely to buy their products on the site. So, this kind of targeted traffic is likely to bring a deal.

first, then what is the natural flow of

, Post Bar love Shanghai love Shanghai, Sina, micro-blog and other space search rankings. In order to get more natural flow, to some large platform to send some more valuable articles to guide users to access your site, do some soft Wen promotion is possible.

For example:

is a corporate website through the optimization of the long tail keywords also received a large number of keywords ranking, so as to get some natural flow. For example: the building materials, building materials search will find a lot of enterprise website front.


What is the significance of

1. through the application of third party Internet platform.

most enterprises or businesses, in the website, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, however, how many people know what is the ultimate purpose of doing optimization, don’t just pursue form. In fact, is to let people pay more attention to your understanding, to promote your products or services, which are profitable, with the professional terminology, this is called natural flow.

3. through the search engine bidding system

second, the natural flow of

Shanghai dragon, the most important point is that the data analysis, based on the statistical analysis of the natural flow, can see what users need most things, so the demand for the user to optimize website corresponding, can make the site more in line with the user experience, so as to enhance the site weight and ranking.

1, the natural flow is the result of targeted

2. through its own website optimization keywords.

Perhaps ?

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