We grab salt grab traffic emergency marketing analysis



morning to the office, open the computer, see the Internet on the part of the city rob salt news, feel very funny, great China, what was the lack of salt. We didn’t start with much care. But the company didn’t work for a while, there are many colleagues to call home, with everyone talking about online salt news, QQ group there is a variety of reports, I just feel very Speechless, do not want to follow the trend, think this kind of thing is what. Just focus on some users send information in micro-blog inside, there are some users to grab the salt that is angry, wrote about salt satire awesome fast language, because I was doing awesome, awesome share some interesting stories, see this information is interesting, so easily copied, on their own web site. The start is still not too much, but at noon, the observation site statistics, awesome network traffic is usually bigger than the morning, see the network keywords, that is their website now seconds, just released the information we search, let a person feel really unbelievable.


1, the website included snapshot information timely, second, and two minutes from

network has been adhering to the network free registration method of submission, sharing the little things around real, interesting, short, awesome. The website has been nearly three months. The snapshot of the site and included are good, the search engine should be directly seconds in recent days things (also can be said to be very clever.). Love Shanghai awesome, awesome Network > 80yizu

yesterday, today between 16 -17 points, awesome network traffic increased by about 8 times. Figure.

in the afternoon, I began to collect a lot of salt the awesome phrase, reproduced in his awesome release on the site, a full nearly 50. At the same time, some awesome, alarming release in his micro-blog above, additional [rapid spread, let the truth surfaced], also had prepared some awesome pictures with small website promotion on micro-blog. Do not think micro-blog is awesome, we a lot of comments on. Because each one is my carefully selected, so almost every broadcast people are very much. At the same time, the website by micro-blog to directly enter the URL of the people of all of a sudden up.


now when I write this article has exactly ten past twenty-three in the evening. Today the site traffic increased by about 400 than usual, these are the words of salt through the search to find my awesome network. Through the analysis of the day and just finishing, I want to increase network traffic for today is at least the following factors:


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