Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee on the chain judgment

1, to determine whether the chain is outside the chain, whether it is real recommendation: whether the chain is the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

2, the chain of the two kinds of problems: one is the chain of garbage; a chain is cheating. The garbage outside the chain, pointing to the true meaning of whether the site is recommended, judge whether the site is deliberately creating hyperlinks, not including two aspects: the search results page a link, automatic generation of automatic generation of webmaster service website links, links and so on bad rubbish. Manufacturing chain for malicious behavior, love Shanghai official efficiency can be judged is about ninety-eight percent. The chain will automatically filter, not to calculate the weight of the website, have a certain impact on the web page will not cheat; outside the chain, is deliberately in some way to interfere with search engine ranking results, make their own website to obtain the interests of the chain have great influence on the purchase. Where to buy the anchor text chain cheating, buy high weight website Links, a large number of black to cheat, a massive increase in the low quality of the chain sprocket or material to make the chain, the chain of this type, we can automatic identification system, and on some pages point to the right down the as a result, directly to the negative impact of these pages.


above is the basic content of Shanghai Lee webmaster love talk about the chain of judgment. When after this announcement, there are many websites that are affected by different degrees, and this effect is widespread in Shanghai dragon hands, because Shanghai dragon Er usually used the chain to improve website ranking, and the behavior of many webmaster has sounded the bell tight. After the automatic algorithm, a lot of people are studying how to improve website ranking, but personally feel that these algorithms for some of the regular website, make regular website to obtain the website without the slightest impact, we only need to do a good job in the content of the website, and the website released some normal publicity with links there is no difference.


love Shanghai station Lee at the summit about outside the chain of judgment, everyone through the summit to love Shanghai judge whether the chain is the basic principle of the chain; distinguish two kinds of problems of the chain; the chain of garbage and cheating and outside the chain of love Shanghai processing principle and so on.

if you insist on the chain: we must pay more attention to the class in the same industry website to publish, do the relevant, high quality, wide range of division. And in the chain must pay attention to every release amount of the chain remained stable, otherwise is likely to be classified as cheating in the ranks. In fact, in the current era of the Internet, the chain will have a decisive role on the website ranking, only you to do this, in order to create a healthy website, also can let the site to get a good ranking.

: we do not recommend warmth to remind.

outside the chain of several major parts of the following:

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