The site exit rate continued to rise to adjust the data through the webmaster should

as everyone knows, the website whether access to authorized users, user experience how to reflect? These seemingly invisible touched things are actually controlled by some invisible things, the author is good today to talk about the problem about the site exit rate, exit rate is also called the bounce rate, is a reaction site the details of the index is very important for the user viscosity, we as a webmaster how to improve website viscosity, reduce website jump out rate? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip website theme, exit rate continued to rise to adjust the data through the webmaster should.


page classification and corresponding to the address, but the content can meet the needs of users to search page? Do it, whether the page content we have to consider is the content of what the customer requires, in site operation and maintenance process, different operation of the purpose of the website is different to the jump rate of view, such as some Taobao customers the website when users search for the price of XX product which is very direct, hope to enter the site immediately find the corresponding shopping site to buy, so a single page website also is the use of the customer’s heart is eager to buy the products of big picture show details at the bottom of this layout immediately deployed to buy. So different sites you have to stand in the user angle analysis is needed to understand the details of product function or need to buy immediately, according to the information site, we do the higher correlation, the more detailed the better, photo text, related articles recommendation is standing in the angle of the key customers for the customer to consider.

first, specially formulated optimization for different pages of different keywords. We know that users choose to leave the most basic factor is the most important, is to offer you the content does not meet the requirements of search, with popular discourse understanding is irrelevant, this left the user is inevitable, we don’t want to go through a page optimization of all keywords, must subdivide and one by one break, such as tail words we need to have a related content page to optimize for this keyword in other pages should also be timely to the related points we want to optimize the page, so as to establish the key keywords thesaurus and address database is the foundation work custom keyword classification optimization.

second, analysis keywords page and user search demand is consistent.

third, click on the distribution of web page analysis. Now the development of the search engine search algorithm has been more and more perfect, we can use the love of Shanghai to provide thermodynamic diagram tool, click to clear understanding of the web page, through a simple configuration can track the specific links on a page by clicking on the situation, especially in Shanghai will love thermodynamic diagram on each link click traffic source classification. So the ratio of the total flow of web page links and clicks, the difference between the two data should be more dangerous, not this part of the user according to the website of the guide out, if the data is relatively large, it may be the content of the web site problems, such as search.

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