Shanghai Longfeng domestic market development status and development trend in the future (two)

is not a person in combat!

4, Shanghai Longfeng mostly for the high-end market abroad.

domestic Shanghai dragon can not be immutable and frozen every industry, there is a precipitation process, believe that Shanghai dragon market in the future will be better! Xu Jin @ Chengdu broadcasting training, reproduced please keep: 贵族宝贝shuduart贵族宝贝/ 

2, Shanghai dragon foreign strategy the team in the first place, the other is the analysis of key words and baseline data.

3, foreign websites do at the same time, the Shanghai dragon will take into account many other marketing practices, including search engine marketing pay.

people say you have written a few only abroad, how will the development of the next few years in China? In fact, on the other hand, the introduction of any new industry, is the first to imitate a new stage. So is the Shanghai dragon, looking for the best picture best gourd gourd. An epitome of foreign status of Shanghai Longfeng market also virtually domestic market in the future development of Shanghai dragon.

China Shanghai dragon market in the next few years, with the search engine algorithm continues to mature. Shanghai Longfeng market may be more standardized; in Shanghai Longfeng staff does not like some people say everyone is Shanghai dragon, but through to Shanghai dragon will be a lot of people, understand the Shanghai dragon will be more and more people; Shanghai dragon company or team pay more attention to the staff, a lot of work can not be a person qualified for Shanghai dragon Er conversion; more focused on the flow rate; and the integration of Shanghai dragon and other marketing practices, will understand network marketing, Shanghai dragon Er

"Shanghai dragon market development status and trend of global (a)" first talked about the current state of development of the domestic market of the Shanghai dragon, this time is in the depressed how to write this article two, because this kind of narrative articles are most likely to have a stomach, accidentally will cause outrage. Webmasters are vulnerable. Always want to make comparison of domestic and domestic market situation of Shanghai dragon. Find some answers in the Search Engine Watch Blog. The following is a simple description written in SEWB.

1, with a complete team, involving personnel responsible for editing program code from the staff to track sales staff of various departments of the transformation. In fact, in the current domestic situation many companies are beginning to the attention. Relative to the previous Shanghai dragon "personnel shoulder duty" dilemma, the domestic has gradually improved. From the program, artists, editors, and even to the late sales.


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